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With this new irresistible bonus, BoursoBank is giving rivals a nightmare

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Nothing seems to stop BoursoBank, the first online bank in France. Five times larger than its first rival, it offers a perfect compromise between the quality of the range, unbeatable prices, successful user experience and responsive customer support. While it now aims to reach 8 million customers in 2026, it wants to accelerate the acquisition of new customers.

To do this, it is organizing from January 26 to 29 an operation called Pink Weekend which allows new customers to have additional motivation to open their free account. The (compared to 80 euros in normal times) for conditions which are strictly the same.

The Pink Weekend has become a tradition in the history of the bank: it takes place a few times a year and customers take the opportunity to massively open an account during this period. It must be said that all the advantages are there: the account is free, without commitment or income conditions, and it allows you to have a bonus of 130 euros in a few minutes.

But BoursoBank doesn't stop there: this account also comes with a card similar to a Visa Premier – called Ultim. It is also included in the offer and will cost nothing extra, provided you use it once a month. The majority of BoursoBank customers pay no banking fees at all: this is also why it has been the cheapest bank in France since 16 years old (source: Le Monde).

A bank according to everyone's tastes

In just a few years, the former Boursorama Banque has become an institution. With more than 5 million customers to its credit and phenomenal growth (it aims to reach 8 million in 2026), it is getting closer to more established players like SG or BNP Paribas. In a few years, she will be ahead of them.

This success is due to a perfect understanding of the needs of its customers: they want autonomy, transparency, fair pricing and access to a range of complete products to better manage their money. This is exactly everything BoursoBank offers on a daily basis. Some will just want to use it occasionally, others will want to make it their main bank. Everyone can do as they wish – knowing that it will be free.

Coming back to the Pink Weekend, it's the best time of the year to open an account: you shouldn't let this opportunity pass you by because we don't know when it will arrive. new. You can very well open the account now (you simply have to complete the form between the 26th and 29th) even if it means using the credit card later. BoursoBank does not ask you for any real commitment, so you can have peace of mind on this point. And if necessary, you can close your account in 3 clicks.

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