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Fortnite: good news, the game is coming back to iPhone!

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We knew the imminent announcement. It's now official since Thursday, January 25: Apple will authorize the opening of competing application stores on iOS. The Tech giant is clearly not doing this out of joy, but to comply with the Digital Markets Act, a European regulation which will come into force from next March.

As soon as this news was made public, Epic Games announced its intention to launch its Epic Games Store on iPhone this year. This therefore implies the arrival of its flagship game Fortnite outside the App Store in the coming months. Remember that it has now been three years since the latter has been no longer available within the Apple brand's ecosystem.

A turning point for the industry video games

In a message published on its X account (formerly Twitter), the company explained: “Stay tuned Listen for more details as we determine the regulatory timeline. We will continue to argue to courts and regulators that Apple is breaking the law”.

A legal and media confrontation has opposed the two companies for several years now. The company led by Tim Sweeney criticizes Apple for charging 30% for each in-app transaction, which represents an immense shortfall for Fortnite, whose economic model is based precisely on microtransactions.

From now on, the Cupertino company's competitors will be able to continue to use its own billing system with fees lowered to 3% or use an alternative payment system, and in this case they would have no accountability to it. .

The announcements from the Tech giant in any case represent an important moment for the video game industry. Following this officialization, Apple has in fact decided to authorize cloud gaming platforms on the App Store whereas this was not the case previously.

Concretely, services such as Microsoft's xCloud or Nvidia's GeForce Now will therefore be offered directly whereas they could only be accessed as a web application for Safari.

What do you think of Apple's recent announcements, and do you think they will have a major impact in the world of gaming?? Let us know in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • Apple allows online stores third-party applications under a new European regulation
  • Epic Games immediately announces that its store will be available on iOS
  • It's now been 3 years since Fortnite has been available on the App Store

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