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At the Maurice-Ravel high school in Paris, the astonishing resignation of the principal threatened with death

A message announcing the departure of the principal was sent. sent this Tuesday, March 26 to parents, students and staff members of the Maurice-Ravel high school.

Almost a month to the day after the altercation that sparked the attack. the now media affair of the Maurice-Ravel high school, parents, students, teachers and members of the board of directors of the school ;éschool, locatedé in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, received, this Tuesday, March 26, 2024, an internal message indicating that the principal had “left” its functions for security reasons. A reason that the rectorate does not confirm, however. If he certifies the principal's departure, he prefers to speak of personal convenience.

At the beginning of March, the case had been resolved. made public. À Originally, an altercation between the head of the Parisian establishment and a student, an adult, enrolled in the first year. ;eacute;e of BTS. The facts would have occurred on Wednesday February 28, 2024. In her version, the young woman claims that the principal would have “pushed and hit” her. ;e" asking her to remove her veil. "I had my bonnet and my hood on my head as well as my veil, but which was not completely put on", she indicated, in comments reported by Le Parisien at the beginning of the month. And to continue: "The principal arrivedé towards us and started &agrav; yelling at my girlfriend. He saw that she was taking off her bonnet and veil, so he came straight to me. I turned around, he pushed me and hit me violently on the arm."

In the parquet version, it is reportedé that the principal would have recalled &agrav; ordered three students on the ban on wearing the veil within the high school grounds. One of them would then have been unaware of the incident. the head of the establishment, which would have led to the altercation. After the intervention of the police, the matter did not stop there. If the student had worn complaint "for violence that did not result in violence" disability work, the altercation had been publicized on social networks and the principal had become the target of death threats. He then had à his turn depositedé a complaint, for "act of intimidation towards a person participating ' the execution of a public service mission.

According to a source close to the matter, including Le Parisien echoed this Tuesday, the principal thought that the affair would calm down and that he could finish the year in high school. "But these are serious threats. So we had to protect him and also protect the students and staff of the high school. It's a concerted decision", specifies the source. According to the daily, this is the first time in his career that the former principal of the Maurice-Ravel high school has found himself in such an affair. ;nbsp; 

Teilor Stone

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