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WhatsApp pushes photo editing to its limits with AI

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After improving file sharing, Meta is tackling a completely different aspect of its messaging application to make it even more pleasant to use. Even if this is not necessarily where we expected improvements, the photo editor integrated into WhatsApp will soon be boosted with AI. This new feature was detected by AssembleDebug from TheSpAndroid site in the latest beta version of the application.

Take inspiration from the greatest for photo editing

The new features in question are clearly inspired by what Photoshop or its competitor can offer French Photoroom. According to the investigations carried out by AssembleDebug on the beta version v2.24.7.13, it appears explicitly that Meta wants to make sure to exploit the &#8217 ;AI to enrich its photo editing interface.

If its findings are to be believed, the application will soon with three new AI features. The first, Backdrop, will allow users to change the background of an image easily. Expand will allow the AI ​​to generate content for what is outside the photo frame. Finally, Restyle will be there to optimize the style of an image or photo.

These tools will come in handy enrich the range of options already available, which even if they are nice, were starting to be a little dated. They will work like any generative AI, using text queries. However, no information is available on the language model that will be used to manage these prompts. We can possibly assume that Meta uses an adapted version of its in-house model, Llama 2.

A progressive integration

For now, this technology is in the testing phase with a selection of users of the WhatsApp private beta program. This suggests that the Meta technical teams are currently working on its deployment.

However, these features are not yet finalized, but their presence in the beta version is a good sign and suggests availability for all users by the end of the year. This new feature may prove to be pleasant to use, even if not really essential. We would perhaps have preferred other improvements: more advanced management of group calls, visual themes, more advanced control of Telegram-style messages, etc. See you (maybe) in a few months to get your hands on these new AI features!

  • New features have been spotted in WhatsApp beta version v2.24.7.13.
  • They concern the media editor integrated into the WhatsApp. application, which will now be equipped with AI tools.
  • Currently in the testing phase, these will probably be available by end of year.

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