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Against the technical inspection of 2 wheels, the FFMC announces the list of centers boycotted by bikers


The closer the deadline approaches, the more information we learn about the technical inspection of 2 wheelsenrage the bikers. According to UFC-Que Choisir, it will happen that owners of two wheels will have to work on their machine during its technical inspection, which obviously raises a lot of questions about safety, but also the price for this service. in which one must participate.

Seeing the compulsory technical inspection which will be put in place in April as a new means for the state to racketeer bikers, they are organizing to boycott the technical inspection centers which comply with the rules.

#BalancetonCenTre< /h2>

Against the technical inspection of 2 wheels, the FFMC announces the list of centers boycotted by bikers


With yet another variation of the hashtag “BalanceTonPorc”, the French Federation des Motards en Colère launches the site called Balance ton Center with a simple principle. This asks motorcyclists to identify the technical inspection centers around their homes which are equipped to carry out the MOT dedicated to two wheels. The map is updated weekly, and should be pretty useful from April 15, the official implementation date of the control.

Thus, the approach consists of boycotting the centers which have complied with the demands of the State by avoiding bringing all possible vehicles there, whether on two wheels or cars. An approach which is supposed to punish the centers, or as the FFMC explains: “the major players in technical control will realize that they have more to lose with bikers than to gain with them.”

Une card which has two major uses

Only, given the fact that only 2.7 million two-wheelers are recorded in France in 2020 compared to 38.9 million cars, not sure that the centers really feel a notable effect on their turnover.

It will also be necessary to remove from this potential number of boycotters the bikers who will simply comply with the regulations, under penalty of a fixed fine of 135 euros in the event of an inspection with a lack of technical inspection< /strong>, with potential immobilization of the 2 wheels. Of course, the map on the Balance ton Center site allows you to discover which center should be boycotted for anti-CT 2 wheels.

But the point on which was not probably not thought about by the FFMC, is that it could also perfectly inform owners of motorcycles and other scooters of where they must go if they want to remain legal. What do you think of this kind of initiative ?

  • The technical inspection of 2 wheels will become compulsory from April 15, for vehicles put into circulation before 2017.
  • In protest, the French Federation of Angry Bikers calls to the boycott of centers which offer technical inspections of 2 wheels.
  • For this, the Balance ton Center site updates weekly a map of France which indicates which centers carry out the technical inspection on the 2 wheels.

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