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“No waves: why the film with François Civil caused controversy before its release?”

No waves: why the film with François Civil caused controversy before its release ?

Réalisé par : Teddy Lussi-Modeste Avec : François Civil, Shaïn Boumedine, Bakary Kebe, Toscane Duquesne, Luna Poumey, Marianne Ehouman Genre : Film dramatique Sortie le 27/03/2024 Durée 01h32 0 /5 Donnez votre avis Synopsis Voir la bande-annonce Trouver une séance Vos avis

No waves: why the film with François Civil caused controversy before its release ?

Describing a complex situation for a teacher and a student, the film "No waves" sparked significant reactions on social networks before its cinema release this Wednesday, March 27.

Several films promise to be talked about in cinema releases on March 27, 2024. Among them, we count No waves, a production by Teddy Lussi-Modeste which recounts the ordeal into which he is plunged. a college professor, accused of &agrav; wrong of harassment towards one of his students. If the film attacks dissect the descent into hell of this abandoned character; by the institution, which is inspired by an experience of the director (accused of sexual harassment by a female director). student, he was cleared), he did not miss to also cause controversy on social networks even before its arrival in cinemas.

When the trailer for No waves was uploaded, several Internet users were offended by these first images.  Many accusedé the film denigrates the words of victims of harassment: "Tell me that you live in a societyé patriarchal where women are thought to be liars and in which men are 'always right', without telling me that you live in a society that is wrong. patriarchal: the next film with François Civil", one of them wrote about "by accepting this type of role, [François Civil] clearly shows on which sideé he takes his place."

But obviously, the subject of the feature film is more nuanced than that. that ça. As the magazine Première explains in its review, "Lussi-Modeste signs a fascinating film of nuance and complexity" : "More than the truthé about what really happened, No wavesemphasizes the notion of perception of things. It shows, for example, how young Leslie really believed in what she believed. this harassment because'à wanting too much to be close to his students and cool, his teacher (François Civil, remarkable) created; – involuntarily – from the competition between them and the feeling of abandoning some when he prefers others.

On the set of C à to you this Monday March 26, the filmmaker explains that his approach is part of the description of a complex situation: "We understand very good that this young girl could have believed that this professor wanted to seduce her. It'éit was important for me not to treat her like a liar but like someone who has his truth." To the spectators of se  make their own opinion in theaters.

Synopsis– A young college professor must face a difficult situation. disturbing rumors when some students start to act suspect it, à wrong, harassment.

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