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Attack foiled in Bordeaux: who is the man suspected of having prepared a mass killing ?

A man suspected of for having preparedé an attack in preparation for the passage of the Olympic flame à Bordeaux, scheduled for this Thursday, May 23, has been scheduled for this Thursday, May 23. arrested by law enforcement.

The worst was lives &agrav; in Gironde. A man suspected of to prepare a plan for an attack was made. arrested by law enforcement. The suspect planned a mass killing during the passing of the Olympic flame à Bordeaux this Thursday, May 23 according to information from Cnews. The arrest took place on the evening of Tuesday May 21 at Eysines, a town near Bordeaux. Since then, the suspect has been present. &agrav; a judge, indicted for apologizing for crime and criminal association and placed in custody; in provisional detention.

"In custody à view, interest admitted to having considered a passage à the act, without a specific place, following an assault suffered. No reference to the Olympic flame was not destroyed émentioned", clarifiedé the prosecutor of the Republic & Bordeaux, Frédérique Porterie, in a press release &agrav; l'AFP.

The Minister of the Interior, G&rald Darmanin, confirmed that in a message on this Thursday morning that an "individual planning violent action during the passage of the Olympic torch relay" Bordeaux wasé challengedé".

An animated suspect by hatred of women ?

The suspect arrested is a 26 year old man and would be a supporter of the  "incel" – English portmanteau to mean “involuntary celibate”. Supporters of the masculinist and misogynistic movement say they are incapable of forming romantic or sexual relationships due to their systematic rejection by women and consider women responsible for their c  eacute;libat. An ideology that leads to hatred of women.

The proximity to of the suspect with the "incel" is suggested by a publication by the individual on Facebook reported on the Pharos platform which put investigators on the trail of the individual . Investigators discovered a video in which the suspect refers to Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old man who is a follower of the “incel" and known to have perpetrated a mass killing à Isla Vista, United States, May 23, 2014. The man killed' six people and injured some fourteen more before committing suicide. He had published a video to express his hatred of women before moving on to the act.

The man arrested à Bordeaux would have been inspired by the mass shooting of Elliot Rodger and is said to have prepared a similar attack plan. He had planned to commit a mass killing ten years after that of Isla Vista and then to commit suicide according to the remarks he made during his custody at ; view and report by Cnews. The prosecutor of the Republic of Bordeaux addedé that'a " A gom-cogne revolver, several cell phones and a computer were taken. seized by the police during the search. The suspect would be psychologically fragile according to his relatives cited by BFMTV-RMC Sport, but the designated psychiatric expert for &eac;evaluatedé the suspect did not notice the incident no particular problem according to the Bordeaux public prosecutor's office.

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