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DIRECT. New Caledonia: Emmanuel Macron ready to remain without “limits” to restore peace ?

The head of state arrived in New Caledonia to launch a "mission" of dialogue and put an end to the violence which has been raging on the island for more than a week. He assures that "decisions will be made and announcements will be made" à the outcome of this day on Thursday.

The essentials

  • Emmanuel Macron arrived in New Caledonia, accompanied by of the Minister of the Interior and the Armed Forces. A quick trip to launch a "mission" dialogue.
  • On site, the President of the Republic announced that the soldiers deployed in New Caledonia will remain there "as long as necessary, the first thing is' ;#39;order, calm, peace, and the situation which is still ongoing today, 'obviously concerns me" he declared. 
  • The Head of State estimated that that the state of emergency should not be extended à condition that everyone "calls à lift the roadblocks, notably the political forces on the island. "I appeal " responsibility of all the leaders here present" he continues. 
  • Emmanuel Macron also promised "decisions" and "announcements" à at the end of this day of Thursday May 23, 2024 & Nouméa. It also excludes that "appeasement" goes through a "backtrack" institutional. In other words, the government will not review the results of the three referendums which took effect. maintaining the overseas territory in the French Republic. 
  • This Wednesday, the first evacuations took place. around a hundred tourists were there; evacuated from New Caledonia thanks to flights chartered by their authorities. 
  • Since the start of the riots, six people have died. A man died after trying to kill him. to pass a roadblock, Saturday May 18. The other victims are three Kanak civilians and two gendarmes, one of the members of the police was killed. victim of an "accidental shooting" from one of his colleagues.


08:32 – Three senior officials with Macron

In addition to Gérald Darmanin, Sébastien Lecornu and Marie Gévenoux, the three ministers, Emmanuel Macron is also accompaniedé of three senior officials for his visit to New Caledonia. This "&eac;contact team" as he likes to call it, is made up of Eric Thiers, chief of staff of the Minister of National Education, R&eacute ;my Bastille which was é secretary general of the high commission in New Caledonia and Fr&déric Potier, one of the directors generalé executives of the RATP, worked on the Caledonian file in 2014 when he worked for Manuel Valls.

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If Emmanuel Macron called à a "constructive appeasement" upon his arrival on Caledonian soil, he completely refuted the idea of ​​going back on the result of the three results ;férendums which took action; the maintenance of the overseas territory in the Republic.  "Appeasement cannot be a return to the past. Appeasement cannot be about not respecting popular expression which has already become widespread. played. Appeasement cannot be to somehow deny a path that already has its beginnings. été done" indicated&eac; the president.

During his visit to the central police station in Nouméa, the head of state spokeé oacute; an absolutely unprecedented "insurgent movement" in New Caledonia. "No one saw it coming with this level of organization and violence". He also insisted on "greet cold blood" and the "professionalism" of law enforcement. "We will go to the end, the days and weeks to come will still be difficult" he continues.

08:09 – Macron at the Nouméa police station

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is now at the central police station in Noumea. The purpose of this visit is to take the temperature with local law enforcement and find out their morale. 

08:06 – The state of emergency will not be extended if everyone "calls à lift the roadblocks"

This Thursday, from Nouméa, Emmanuel Macron also indicatedé that the state of emergency "should not be extended" à condition that everyone calls à lift the blockades on the island. "I appeal " responsibility of all the leaders here present. The state of emergency will only be lifted, very clearly, if everyone, in their own responsibility, takes action. calls à lift the roadblocks" he said. 

08:03 – A visit without "limit" of time

The presidential plane landed around 8:30 this morning, at Noumea, local time. The head of state has already carried out several meetings with institutional, political, economic and customary forces on the island. At the same time, Emmanuel Macron announced; that his visit had no "limit" of time. So, can we imagine him extending his visit ? Difficult à say, in particular because of the latter's international schedule. In fact, he is expected in Germany this weekend for a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. A visit that had already happened été postponed after the riots in France following the death of young Nahel last year.

Emmanuel Macron assures him: "Decisions will be taken and announcements will be made" à the outcome of this Thursday, May 23. He also claims to have "no limit" time on site. So, would his visit exceed the 12 hours initially planned by the Elysée in the tight schedule of the Elysium? of the president ? "No one can accept that we can accept that we can have access to food or &agrav; food because we have this or that skin color or origin" also launchedé the president in the face of "racism that we never thought would return".

07:54 – Law enforcement will remain on site

The soldiers deployed in New Caledonia "will stay as long as necessary, even during the Olympic and Paralympic Games" indicates the president – Nouméa. All law enforcement agencies are concerned, in other words, soon 3,000 men and women deployed on overseas territory. "The situation which is still ongoing today, "obviously concerns me" he indicated. 

07:51 – Emmanuel Macron wants a return to peace, quiet, à securityé"

Emmanuel Macron has arrived in New Caledonia. "The priorityé priorities, as quickly as possible, it's a “return” peace, quiet, à securityé" he indicated. once arrived à Nouméa. The head of state says he is “on the side of the population”.

[End of live] Emmanuel Macron is traveling to New Caledonia for a surprise visit. The head of state wants to regain control, more than a week after the start of riots on the archipelago. He landed on the island on Thursday morning (local time). Emmanuel Macron is due to meet elected officials from New Caledonia this morning, as well as economic players and union representatives.

22/05/24 – 23:20 – Towards "reinforced mobilization" independentists

With Emmanuel Macron's trip to New Caledonia, the independentists, who hold certain routes, have announced that they will "reinforced mobilization". "We remain mobilized […] as long as the state is committed to thawing the body " provincial electoral body, assuredé the Field Action Coordination Unit. The organization intends in particular to block the junction of the two major roads giving access to the north of the city on Thursday, May 23.

22/05/24 – 22:23 – A visit that could last two days for Emmanuel Macron

The visit Emmanuel Macron's leadership in New Caledonia could last until next year. two days. The head of state will pay a visit on Sunday to Tuesday in Germany, announcedé Wednesday at the Elysée. Thus, the President of the Republic should leave Paris "Sunday in the middle of the day for Berlin", underlined a presidential advisor to Agence France-Presse.

05/22/24 – 9:27 p.m. – The arrival of Emmanuel Macron, "a political poker move" ?

Guesté on BFMTV, the vice-president of the Southern Province of New Caledonia, Philippe Blaise believes that the arrival of Emmanuel Macron on the island is “a political poker move.” problems within 24 hours,” he explains. "We wouldn't understand with everything we've been through that the state would show weakness,” he adds. "The prerequisite " any serious discussion is a return to life. public order".

22/05/24 – 8:40 p.m. – The cyber attack will not have & quot;no consequences in the duration"

No less than 95,000 connection attempts in a few seconds have been detected. té identified in an "unprecedented attack" for the island. The cyberattack will have "no long-term consequences", indicated Wednesday à the AFP the French Security Agency computer science. The attack lasted "a few hours" against the telecoms operator of the archipelago. "There is no intrusion into the information systems of the operator concerned, nor its differences ;rent customers".

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