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Attal Plan: middle school level groups from 2024! How it works ?

From the start of the 2024 school year, level groups will be set up at the college as announced. by the Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal. A flagship measure of its “shock of knowledge” project.

Big upheaval à come for middle school students from the start of the 2024 school year. As expected, Gabriel Attal announced the creation of level groups for college classes for French and mathematics courses. The 6th and 5th grade classes will get the ball rolling in 2024, we will have to wait until the next school year in 2025 for the 4th and 3rd grade classes, on the same principle.

To put it simply, students will be divided into three levels according to their skills in French and mathematics. matics. Group number 1 being the one dedicated to to the students who are most in difficulty. "We will create positions so that there are only around fifteen students" in this famous group 1 declared the Minister of National Education on Tuesday during his press conference from a college in the 19th arrondissement of Paris .

As the year progresses, students will be able to do everything they can. changes group if progress is deemed sufficient by the teacher. The goal for Gabriel Attal being to “put an end to uniform college (…) to put an end to inequalities within classes. We will add the necessary human and financial resources, he added. The middle school students most in difficulty will also benefit from professional education. arranged, with more working time, always in French and mathematics. These hours will take the place of part of another subject, with the agreement of the teaching staff and the family.

However, does the establishment of level groups have a positive impact on students ? In reality, It's difficult to give a clear and obvious answer. There is no clear consensus on the question, some studies nevertheless prove that homogeneous classes would benefit more from & students whose academic level is high. À Conversely, level groups, in other words, heterogeneous classes, would be more suited to students in difficulty. oacute; to enable them to progress. In any case, the measure announced by Gabriel Attal will be implemented as soon as the next school year begins for 6th and 5th grade classes. .


Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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