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Auch: a police officer accused of beating a man in a sobering-up cell

An elderly man around fifty years old claims to have been violently hit by a police officer, in 2022, when he was in a sobering-up cell at Also. Despite an explicit video, the case is still at the preliminary investigation stage.

A man dropped off complaint in August 2022 after having been filed violently hit by a police officer while he was in a sobering-up cell at Auch (Gers), according to information from La Dépêche. The older man of around fifty years has been arrested in a sheltered state on August 28, 2022 and placed in a sobering up cell at the Auch police station. In the middle of the night, a police officer entered the house. in his cell where There was a second individual, according to video surveillance images. The policeman violently hit him. for nearly 30 seconds. The victim attempts to struggle before cowering on the ground.

"He's unleashedé on my client who was still knocked out by the effects of alcohol and totally vulnerable. All this under the eyes of another police officer who clearly did not try to do anything. “to keep him,” deplores Me Sandra Vazquez to Le Figaro. his release from the police station gives him incapacity total work (ITT) of ten days. He suffers from post-traumatic stress, carried outé several stays in a psychiatric hospital and currently has no profession. 

À his release from custody &agrav; seen, the victim filedé a complaint. Almost two years later, the investigation is still ongoing. its preliminary stage. "We have two witnesses to the scene, we have a video, I sincerely think that this is a case that could be resolved “to be sealed off”, believes his lawyer to BFMTV. According to her, the police officer "must be punished " the height of the actions taken. "In the same way as violence à against the police are an aggravating circumstance, let us not forget that violence committed by the police in the exercise of their functions are also an aggravating circumstance,” she recalls. The accused wasé radiated executives, according to the newspaper. 

Teilor Stone

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