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This Mediterranean island is much less known than its neighbors. Wrongly because it also offers great vacation possibilities, and beyond. lower cost.

Greece attracts every summer thousands of tourists who flock there for its climate, its rich culture, its dream beaches in the Mediterranean and a few pictures of it. do not miss. This is the case of very touristy places like the famous island of Santorini, assailed by tourists every summer. eacute;. Taking the famous photo of the panorama of Santorini with its white and blue houses now involves the Stations of the Cross with an interminable wait during the walk. ;summer period. Not to mention the cost with exorbitant prices for accommodation on the famous island, especially if we compare the prices to other destinations. those practiced on other islands of the Cyclades.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative but offering a similar experience ? Several islands near the Cyclades offer great opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. Also forget the nearby but equally popular island of Mykonos and embark instead for another island away. nearby.

Without tourists and cheaper than Santorini, this island is a well-hidden paradise in the Mediterranean

Naxos is easily accessible from Athens, by plane or ferry. It is the largest of the Cyclades islands but it stands out above all from its famous neighbors by its more leisurely pace and its numerous beaches.  Naxos thus allows visitors to discover a more authentic and preserved Greece.  The island is also characterized by its whitewashed houses. the typical lime, its winding streets and its panoramic views which have nothing to do with nature. envy &agrav; those of Santorini or Mykonos. The capital, Chora, also known as Naxos Town, offers a nice mix and lovely walks possible.

You prefer relaxation and beaches ? Naxos is a little hidden treasure. because the island also offers fine sandy beaches, unlike the rest of the island. many of its neighbors. Plaka Beach, for example, is famous for its fine sand and turquoise waters, while hidden coves like those near Aliko offer even more peace and quiet. They are generally protected from the wind, & with the exception of a few favorable to practicing water sports.

If you're looking for places to take beautiful photos, La Portara, a huge marble gate dating back to antiquity, stands proudly and provides a spectacular setting for sunsets. The island is also rich in history, with sites such as the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Dé ;méter, which invite you to explore the past glorious of the region. Further inland, small mountainous villages like Apiranthos are also within reach. not to be missed, like tasting the cheeses for which Naxos is famous.

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