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Automobile: electric carts are definitely popular!

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For a long time, these vehicles were rather confined to the margins of automobile production and n’were not necessarily associated with a positive image. Ligier, Aixam and Chatenet were the main manufacturers of these small license-free carts, running on diesel. Quite recently, this particular segment of the automobile has undergone a quite remarkable transformation. Some general manufacturers have started to take an interest in it, making it much more attractive than before.

The offensive of the automobile giants

Citroën was the first to enter the mini game car, this time electric, in 2020 with the Citroën Ami. Initially offered at an extremely advantageous price of 6,900 euros, it now sells for 7,990 euros, from which it is possible to subtract a bonus of 900 euros. A real success, because this initiative triggered a response from other big names in the industry.

We think in particular of Fiat and its Topolino, strongly inspired of l’Ami in its design and sold at the price of 9 890 euros. These models, far from the outdated aestheticAixam or Ligier, have attracted a young and urban clientele, in particular thanks to their very competitive launch offers. The Ami, for example, is offered by Citroën at a monthly price of 19.99 to 31.49 euros per month after a first payment of 3,950 euros.

A market that is diversifying

Citroën and Fiat are not the only ones wanting their share of the pie. Some manufacturers, like Microlino and Kate, a French manufacturer, want to position themselves in the premium segment of micro cars.

The Microlino, strongly inspired by the BMW Isetta of the 1950s and 1960s, sports a rather successful retro look. However, it comes at a high price: from 17,990 to 23,490 euros! For the Kate Original, the bill is even higher since this costs 25 490 euros. Prices which are starting to sting severely and which tend to approach the price of certain real cars. These can be explained by more careful finishes, and higher ranges of up to 160 km for the Kate Original if it is equipped with its larger battery.

Their big advantage: being accessible from 14 years old for some and 16 years old for others who can reach 90 km/h. Let's be clear, regardless of the manufacturer, these micro cars cannot compete with classic cars, in terms of versatility or performance. However, the real box from the Friend shows that these vehicles are starting to be made a place of choice in the urban ecosystem.

  • The micro car segment has diversified in recent years.
  • L’ arrival of certain models such as the Ami, the Fiat Microlino, shows that this segment is of great interest to classic manufacturers.
  • Depending on the models, prices can be very advantageous, but for others, these fly away.

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