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Hijack: what awaits us for season 2 of this excellent series

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Hijack really pleased the spectators. However, we thought it was just a summer miniseries to enjoy on Apple TV+. But the success of this fiction, which stars Idris Elba, made the streaming platform want to continue the adventure, and there will therefore be a sequel.

No hijacking in sight

This season 2 was made official at the end of January and we have had no news since. Idris Elba, however, remembered our good memories by breaking the silence. He indicated that filming should begin in June and last for a while, probably until the end of the year.

As for what the plot will be of these new episodes, it remains a mystery. Idris Elba explained in early 2024:

I was touched by the huge audience response after the first season. It's a secret what new situation awaits Sam Nelson, but I can assure you it will be worth it.

Interviewed by Variety last summer, the British star also spoke: “I'm open to this character returning. I think if people like Sam (Nelson, the hero Editor's note), then I'm in. He's not a cop, so what would be an acceptable return for Sam Nelson ? And to be honest, I'm not sure. I'd love to, but I don't want to drag him into another hijacking….

< h2>An unchanged casting ?

This allows us in any case to eliminate a pitch similar to season 1. This would be beneficial if the series changes direction and does not lock itself into a genre like La Casa de Papel with the heists.

As for the casting of this season 2, in addition to the presence of Idris Elba, our colleagues from Screenrant are betting on the fact that Christine Adams and Jude Cudjoe, who played respectively Sam's ex-wife and son, will be there.

As a reminder, we really liked season 1 of Hijack on Apple TV+. In our review we explained:

This is one of the other great strengths of this series. It doesn't necessarily focus on big, breathtaking action scenes or wild fights. On the contrary, the staging is very sober, but allows us to perfectly gauge the moments of tension and the intrigues that take place on the plane.

Are you waiting for this season 2 of Hijack, or do you think on the contrary that season 1 was sufficient ? Say so -us in the comments.

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