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Job seekers increasingly violent ? France Travail reveals worrying figures

France Travail reported around 16,000 reports of assault in its agencies in 2023. An increasing figure which could have several explanations.

This is a fairly alarming report: around forty attacks or incivility take place in France Travail agencies every day, according to an internal document produced by France Travail. provided by the Politis website. In 2023, 15,906 reports of assaults were received. recorded among the country's 900 agencies, a figure up 12% compared to 2022. 

Half Some reports refer to verbal aggression but sometimes the situation escalates. 143 physical attacks were committed. declared last year, including 45 which were proven to be money and occurred in an agency or at a private office. proximity. France Travail employees also face challenges. customers in distress, who sometimes go as far as making suicidal threats. 3000 such cases have been reported. recorded in 2023. The remainder of the reports include behavioral aggression and incivility. All this data is copyrighted. the increase for five years and in particular incivility with an increase of 82% since 2019.

Several explanations numbered

In this internal document, France Travail explains this rise in tensions through the current context in society. and in particular the figures linked to delinquency which is increasing. For SNAP, the leading company union, this problem is rather linked to market current work as well as the pressure put on job seekers who are judged not to be "active enough in their search". Unemployment insurance reform coming accentuates the worries. The government has, in fact, announced; the arrival of new, more restrictive compensation rules from July 1, 2024. These three parameters mean that the reception conditions for users bring them to the next level. “be more verbally and physically aggressive”, thus analyzedé Laurent M&eac;rique, the president of SNAP, as reported by  FranceInfo.

If France Travail agents are already there encouraged é report any incident, the company will generalize video protection. It will also train its employees to deal with different situations in the future. risks such as armed intrusions or suicide threats from their clients. 

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