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Aya Nakamura or Céline Dion ? For the opening of the Olympics, Macron has made his choice

In an article published this Wednesday, Le Canard Enchaîné reveals that two artists would have been validated for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Does the President of the Republic have power over everything, right down to the choice of artists who will perform at the opening of the Paris Olympic Games, next July 26 ? After having given his blessing to you Aya Nakamura and asking her performing Edith Piaf during the ceremony as revealed by L'Express last March, it would seem that' #39;another name is favored by the highest spheres of the state. 

According to the information from Le Canard Enchaîn&eac;, revealed in this Wednesday's issue, Céline Dion would also be on the final list of artists expected to perform on the Seine next month. The palmipede claims that an envelope of 2.7 million euros would have been allocated. intended to pay the fees of "two top artists", as it is included in a "reminder of the central hypotheses" internal to the Committee organization of the Olympic Games known as Cojo, dated of April 26 and revealed by the satirical newspaper. An extension would be under negotiation between the state and Cojo to cover this expense.

Besides the name of Aya Nakamura, which was already circulating in and would have according to Emmanuel Macron "everything à makes its place in an opening or closing ceremony of the Games", the rumor now evokes the Canadian diva Céline Dion, in convalescence and away from the spotlight for more than two years and the revelation of his rare neurological disease, stiff person syndrome – or Stiff -Person syndrome in English. Will she make her big comeback? the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games ? Doubt is more than allowed. 

Only Emmanuel Macron and Thomas Jolly, conductor of the opening festivities of the Olympic Games, know the identity of of these two artists. Two sources close to the matter interviewed by AFP, however, deny the fact that the head of state has control over such a choice, affirming that "it' is the Cojo who chooses the artists."

Teilor Stone

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