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New moon of June 6: luck and good humor guaranteed for three astrological signs

The new moon of June 6, 2024 is imminent and promises beautiful emotions for certain zodiac signs. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones!

Thursday June 6   2:37 p.m. the new moon of the month will take place in the sign of Gemini. This astronomical event which will see the Moon completely disappear from the starry sky will be accompanied by significant effects on some signs of the zodiac. Symbol of a cycle which is beginning, this new moon should favor three astrological signs which will benefit from positive energies while Others will have to be extra vigilant to take advantage of the situation and get through this lunar phase without incident.

A beautiful period for Aries, Gemini and Aquarius

Luck will be there for these three signs who will be able to take full advantage of the lunation generating happiness and authenticity. in their life. Aries will be able to highlight their frankness during this period. "Your honestyé will bring you new opportunities" reports astrologer Natasha Merani from Marie France magazine. Same story for Aquarius who will see his spontaneity reveal itself in all its splendor. Under the spotlight, transparency will therefore be highlighted. honor for this sign. Finally, Gemini will also be part of the party since the new moon should place him "in the best disposition to make positive changes" explains the astrologer. It is therefore a wind of renewal that blows through this sign and could facilitate beneficial transformations.

New moon of June 6: luck and good humor guaranteed for three astrological signs

The new moon of June 6, 2024 will take place in the sign of Gemini © mode_list – stock.adobe.com

Distrust for Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

If this new Moon seems to bring a wind of well-being to your life, different signs, these three may not feel as fulfilled during this lunation. Virgo could find themselves forced à establish a certain rigor in its daily life to consolidate many of its projects and allow them to develop on solid foundations in the future. On the side of Pisces, the questioning will be very real and could have consequences such as “moving suddenly or reorganizing their space", according to astrologer Thomas Kyle citedé in the magazine Marie Claire. For his part, Sagittarius will have every interest in this. take care of your comfort zone to gain confidence and be able to explore the outside world.

A new moon placed under the sign of creativity

For the other signs, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn, this new moon in Gemini should bring a dynamic of openness towards others but also towards new horizons. It will therefore be a period rich in encounters and curiosity. which will push you à turn to new opportunities. Don't hesitate to join us! try new activities and explore new things give body à your ideas, now is the perfect time!

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