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Why Orange Telephone will no longer block certain unwanted numbers ?

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Against unwanted telephone canvassing and telephone scams, Orange Téléphone is certainly an essential application. Better than Bloctel and its relative efficiency, Orange Téléphone relies on users and their various reports to better block annoying numbers. Faced with increasingly numerous and insistent telephone canvassers, this application saves many users.

But that will soon be ancient history… Several users of Orange Téléphone, available on Android and iOS, have received a notification announcing a major upheaval for the application. The automatic blocking of calls reported by the community will no longer be available… An announcement that comes at the same time as a similar paid option for Orange and Sosh users.

What future for Orange Téléphone ?

In just a few years, Orange Telephone has brought great relief to many users. The application blocks calls from misleading numbers that begin with geographical indicators, such as 0161, 0163, 0270, 0271, 0377, 0378, 0424, 0425, 0568, 0569 or even 0937, 0938 and 0939.

Among the features of Orange Telephone, the most appreciated and most relevant for users is the community dimension. Like Waze for car navigation, Orange Telephone works thanks to its users, who report unwanted numbers. The more people report numbers, the more effective Orange Telephone is. A virtuous circle, in short.

But the notification received by users is not reassuring since it means the end of the most useful functionality of the application: “We inform you that automatic blocking of calls reported by the community will soon no longer be available within Orange Telephone”. If this does not signal the death of the application, which has other functionalities, it remains a hard blow. Users will be warned that the number is fraudulent, but will have to hang up themselves. Good, but not as good…

This announcement for Orange Telephone comes at the same time as the launch of Orange Cybersecure, and there is no coincidence. Orange Cybersecure is a new security solution for Orange and Sosh customers. Orange Cybersecure defines itself as a sort of participatory portal on which it is easy to verify the legitimacy of a number, a site or even a link. The telecom operator offers an even more complete solution at 7 euros per month. The problem ? Among the features of this paid plan, we note the automatic blocking of unwanted calls.

To put it simply, the old Orange Telephone functionality which made the application successful and relevant will now be paid for and only available to Orange and Sosh customers. This is enough to attract the wrath of users.

Fortunately, we should point out that tech giants like Google are increasingly fighting against this scourge. Despite everything, this remains bad news for many users.

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