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Makers take advantage of AI on Raspberry Pi and it’s pretty cheap

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In turn, Raspberry Pi is riding the AI ​​wave. For fans of DIY projects who are interested, the microcomputer manufacturer is offering an AI Kit, which will be sold at $70, and which allows the Raspberry Pi 5 to be equipped with new capabilities in terms of artificial intelligence. To develop this kit dedicated to artificial intelligence, Raspberry Pi worked with Halio. And the new component integrates a Hailo-8L coprocessor which can take care of AI-related tasks, while the Raspberry Pi 5 processor can manage other functionalities.

The new kit has a capacity of 13 tera operations per second (TOPS). This is well below the 40 TOPS of Intel's Lunar Lake chip, and the 75 TOPS of the Snapdragon X Elite chip, for PCs. However, it is sufficient to run certain AI models, for light functionality. And for those who want to use this new kit for the Raspberry Pi 5, Hailo also offers a library of pre-trained AI models.

“Installed on a Raspberry Pi 5, the AI ​​Kit allows you to quickly create complex AI vision applications, running in real time, with low latency and low power consumption. State-of-the-art neural networks for object detection, semantic and instance segmentation, pose estimation, and facial tracking (to name a few) uns) run entirely on the Hailo-8L coprocessor, leaving the Raspberry Pi 5 processor free to perform other tasks”, reads the Respberry Pi announcement.

Some examples

On its YouTube channel, Raspberry Pi also gives some examples of features that are available on the Raspberry Pi 5, thanks to the new kit and a camera. The videos below show object recognition AI in action. And in the second video, we can see that the system is even capable of recognizing moving vehicles on a highway.

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This other video shows how the Raspberry Pi 5, with its AI Kit, can be used to do segmentation.

Raspberry Pi also highlights the low energy consumption of this artificial intelligence kit. For his part, the boss of Hailo, Orr Danon, explains to our colleagues at The Verge that the accelerator integrated into the Raspberry Pi kit has a consumption of less than 2 W.

  • DIY enthusiasts who use Raspberry Pi microcomputers can embark on new projects related to artificial intelligence
  • Raspberry Pi has just presented an AI kit for the Raspberry Pi 5, which equips it with a coprocessor dedicated to AI and designed by Hailo
  • The foundation highlights uses in the field of object recognition

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