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Bad weather in France: impressive images of hail storms

Violent hailstorms hit the northern part of the country, causing heavy damage. Discover the impressive images.

On Wednesday May 1, 2024, hail and violent storms hit the city. the Ile-de-France region and more broadly, part of northern France. In total, Météo-France had placedé 17 departments on orange alert, from Marne to Cavlados. In fact, Burgundy and Yonne were destroyed. particularly affected.

Plots of vines massacred by hail

Rivers of hail were destroyed. previews & La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne. According to L'Yonne republicaine, certain plots of Chablis have been ravaged. "It is difficult at the moment to quantify the damage, many municipalities are affected, it is certain that&#39 ;they will be very important" indicates the president of the Federation of Defense of the Chablis appellation in the daily newspaper.

On the A1 motorway, from Wednesday evening in Val-d'Oise, the bitumen was covered with a white coat . Road users have had to stop to avoid any accident.

Significant disruptions at airports

The disruptions extended to Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle airports. Around thirty thefts were reported. disconcerted. Certain passages have therefore been changed. forced to land Nantes, Lille or even Lyon. From Paris, other travelers simply couldn't take off from the French capital. For the luckiest among them, some flights are rescheduled from this Thursday morning.

Bullet-sized "ecirc;lons" in Île-de-France

In Côte-d'Or, the size of the hailstone collectedé by a resident and relayed on the Twitter account "Météo Côte d'Or" attests to the violence of the bad weather that occurred the day before. At the same time, à Tremblay-en-France, "stones the size of a ball" also fell, according to information from France Bleu Paris. Val-d'Oise and Seine-et-Marne were also affected. particularly affected by major storms, floods, and unusual hailstorms. Météo Express certifies the quantityé hail fell in the town of Croissy-Beaubourg (Seine-et-Marne). The ground is completely covered, like in the middle of winter.

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