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Game of Thrones: making these two characters die was exhilarating


The series Game of Thrones is remembered by many viewers for the many surprises it has in store for them. The public had in fact gotten into the habit of not getting too attached to a character as they could disappear without warning.

And in fact, the creators of this adaptation D.B. Weiss and David Benioff recently talked about the deaths that most marked them throughout these eight seasons in the podcast Happy Sad Confused. The two men cite in particular the deaths of Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton, these two particularly unsympathetic protagonists.

“It was fun”

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D.B. Weiss pointed out: “With Game of Thrones, there were so many good guy killings, and we finally got to kill Joffrey in season 4 and Ramsay Bolton in season 6 It was fun to return to the traditional joys of killing a bad guy. I had the impression of rebalancing the balance a little.

Same sound of bell on David Benioff's side, regarding Ramsay Bolton:

For me, at the end of the episode, when Sophie (Turner who plays Sansa Stark Editor's note) throws the dogs at the mongrel, she doesn't move away. We don't really see death. We see what's happening in the background, but we don't really see the scene. But what we see is Sansa's smile.

These two jubilant deaths undoubtedly compensated in the eyes of the public for the disappearances of two much-loved heroes of the series: Ned Stark and Robb Stark. Note that these comments were made during the promotion of the new series by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, The 3-Body Problem, broadcast on Netflix .

As for the saga Games of Thrones, it continues to be a success for HBO with the broadcast of the spin-off House of the Dragonwhose season 2 starts on June 17. As a reminder, we can expect a fairly violent start. We have indeed witnessed the death of Lucerys, the son of Rhaenyra and Daemon. The couple will therefore be keen to take revenge. You can also learn more about this suite by consulting our dedicated article here.

What you need to remember:

  • The Game of Thrones series is known for its surprise deaths of iconic characters
  • The two creators of the series confided their satisfaction following the disappearances of the two villains: Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton
  • The saga continues even better with the spin-off House of the Dragon

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