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Ballie is back: everything you need to know about Samsung's assistant robot

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Samsung has failed to establish itself in the connected speaker market. But this one could well offer an even more sophisticated product for the home: Ballie. In 2020, the Korean giant lifted the veil, for the first time, on an assistant robot that follows the user throughout their home, to help them accomplish certain tasks. And this year, during CES in Las Vegas, the Korean giant is presenting an improved version of this robot.

In terms of use, the big novelty of this new version is the presence of a video projector integrated into the robot. The assistant is therefore no longer content with responding to the user with its speakers, it can also project information or video on the walls, on the floor or even on the ceiling. And in the video shared by Samsung, Ballie can even transform into a second screen for its owner, when the latter is working on a PC.

“Ballie acts as a personal in-home assistant, autonomously driving around the house to complete various tasks. By connecting to and managing home appliances, Ballie can help users in many situations, continually learning from user patterns and habits to provide smarter, more personalized services. Ballie provides peace of mind by sending video updates of pets or loved ones to users' devices when they're away from home,” , says Samsung in a press release.

When the user is away, the robot can be controlled remotely to monitor or even care for pets. Otherwise, Samsung also presents this robot as an assistant for sports sessions at home.

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Launch date unknown

The video shared by the Korean giant gives us a precise idea of ​​the different uses of his robot in the house. And the fact that the new version has a spotlight makes Ballie even more interesting. But unfortunately, Samsung doesn't give many technical details. Additionally, it is still unclear when this robot will be launched. But in any case, Ballie is an integral part of the Korean giant's new AI-based strategy.

At a time when artificial intelligence continues to be talked about, after the release of ChatGPT in 2022, Samsung is riding the wave. During its conference at CES 2024, it presented numerous features taking advantage of recent advances in artificial intelligence. For example, Samsung presented a new television equipped with a powerful AI chip that can increase the resolution of videos to reach 8K.

But the Samsung announcement the most anticipated is that of the Galaxy S24. Indeed, Samsung should take advantage of the formalization of its latest high-end smartphones to launch its equivalent of ChatGPT, which will be integrated into these devices. As a reminder, the Korean giant has already indicated that it uses an equivalent of ChatGPT internally and that it will offer this technology on its future products.

  • Samsung has developed an assistant robot called Ballie that helps the user accomplish different tasks at home
  • At CES 2024, the Korean giant presents a new version of this assistant which, in addition to being more intelligent, can project videos and information on walls, floors or ceilings
  • But for the moment, we do not know when Samsung will market this robot
  • In any case, Samsung shows that it is fully into AI and we impatiently await the launch of its equivalent of ChatGPT

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