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Lighter and more flexible, the new Roborock Flexi will make housework easier for you

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On the occasion of CES 2024, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas to the delight of tech aficionados, Roborock has announced many new features. Cleaning has never been pleasant! The manufacturer has, unsurprisingly, lifted the veil on two new robot vacuum cleaners, more autonomous and innovative than ever. But Roborock didn't stop there.

After its Dyad, a new range of vacuum cleaners will soon join the Roborock catalog. And these two new models aim to resolve a major flaw in the Roborock Dyad. Indeed, the new Roborock Flexi, as their name suggests, are more flexible and easier to handle. Enough to revolutionize household!

Roborock Flexi: for effortless deep cleaning

Roborock Flexi Lite and Flexi Pro are designed to remove wet and dry dirt in a single pass. Capable of vacuuming and removing dust in the blink of an eye thanks to their power of 17,000 Pa and automatic power adjustment, they are also formidable for cleaning your floors with large amounts of water. Better ? They vacuum and wash your floors simultaneously. You will therefore be able to spend less time on cleaning and concentrate on more important activities, while ensuring a clean and orderly interior.

Lighter and more flexible, the new Roborock Flexi will make housework easier for you

Flexi Pro © Roborock

With an extremely innovative design, the Roborock Flexi Lite and Flexi Pro are extremely flexible. This allows them to access hard-to-reach areas for effective cleaning. They can easily fit under beds, sofas and other furniture.

The Roborock Flexi Pro offers edge-to-edge cleaning so no corner is spared while that the Roborock Flexi Lite is satisfied with double cleaning of the edges. Even better ? Both models self-clean so you really don't have to do anything. The Roborock Flexi Lite benefits from hot air drying at 50°C and an autonomy of 40 min while the Pro version benefits from a temperature of 60°C and 50 min of autonomy.

Lighter and more flexible, the new Roborock Flexi will make housework easier for you

Flexi Lite © Roborock

For the moment, Roborock has not communicated the prices of these two new models which have all the ingredients to satisfy users. The Roborock Flexi Lite and Flexi Pro will be released in May 2024. Just a little more patience, then, to take advantage of them.

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