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At CES 2024, Samsung focuses on AI

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Over the past 12 months, artificial intelligence has constantly been at the heart of the news. And naturally, like all major players in digital and new technologies, Samsung is riding this wave. As we mentioned in a previous article, Samsung has already developed an equivalent of ChatGPT called Gauss, which it will probably deploy on its smartphones. But in the meantime, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, it presented other AI-based features for its various products.

The message sent by Samsung is clear: it is all about artificial intelligence. And this is not limited to its smartphones, since new features based on AI are also arriving on its televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. For example, during its CES conference, Samsung announced its new Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D television. Its particularity is that it is equipped with an AI processor NQ8 AI Gen 3. Compared to its predecessor, this component is equipped with an AI neural network 8 times larger and an NPU two times faster.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this television is capable of using upscaling to improve the resolution of content, up to 8K resolution. The AI ​​processor also helps refine fast-moving images. In addition, artificial intelligence makes it possible to amplify voices compared to background noise on videos. And when it comes to accessibility, the television can be controlled with gestures or convert subtitles to voice, for visually impaired people.

AI everywhere in the house

Samsung has also improved its Ballie robot, presented in 2020. For As a reminder, this is a ball-shaped robot that can follow the user throughout their home, and which serves as an assistant. “Ballie has now become your AI companion capable of interacting with other smart devices to provide personalized services such as taking over tedious tasks or projecting images and videos on the walls so that users can view key information for their daily lives such as the weather or other relevant information wherever they are”, says Samsung.

For the kitchen, Samsung presents the Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator. This has a 32-inch screen and a camera inside. The onboard AI recognizes 33 types of items and helps the user better manage their provisions. For example, this AI can help the user avoid wasting food, or even suggest cooking recipes.

For its part, the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo washing machine learns the user's habits to suggest cycles.
Samsung also indicates that it is improving its SmartThings home automation ecosystem so that it has better knowledge of the user's home. And thanks to AI, this ecosystem will be able to identify unusual circumstances (for example, a fall) and send alerts.

Samsung launches its “AI” PC

This year, we will see a wave of new PCs optimized for artificial intelligence arrive. And among these PCs, there will be the new Galaxy Book4 running Windows 11. Like the other machines running Microsoft's OS, this one includes the Copilot assistant, based on GPT-4. But what sets Samsung's new PC apart is the synergy it will have with Galaxy smartphones.

Indeed, as the Korean giant explains, on the Galaxy Book4, the Copilot assistant can be used to control the smartphone. “Microsoft Copilot can search, read or summarize text messages from a user's Galaxy smartphone and even automatically create and send messages on behalf of a user directly from the PC . Without having to turn on the smartphone and open each individual app, the Galaxy Book4 series can access smartphone functions and information faster and smarter”, says Samsung.

  • Samsung is all about AI and is preparing a series of new features based on generative artificial intelligence for the Galaxy S24
  • While waiting for this smartphone, this one takes advantage of CES in Las Vegas to unveil other new AI features for the connected home
  • Samsung also presented a PC on which Microsoft's Copilot assistant can control Galaxy smartphones

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