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Overtaken by Maps, Waze and other Plans, TomTom stops the sale of its GPS

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Created in 1991, TomTom is a publisher of route planning software, but it is also (and above all) a manufacturer of navigation systems GPS, to be installed in vehicles. The Dutch company made a name for itself in the mid-2000s, with the launch of the first TomTom GO, a portable navigation assistant aimed at the general public which was a great success.

The good old TomTom GPS, it's over

TomTom quickly found a place of choice in the hearts (and vehicles) of many motorists, and has more than 200,000 customers across more than fifteen countries as of 2007. Over the years However, the popularity of TomTom will decrease, with GPS boxes gradually being replaced by our smartphones, which feature Google Maps, Apple Maps and other Waze.

In June 2022, TomTom announced the elimination of 500 positions, or nearly 10% of its employees. According to TomGuide, the group has made the decision to stop the sale of its GPS devices, first in the United States and Canada. Faced with ever-lower demand, the firm will be responsible for selling off stocks still available at certain resellers, but the GPS will no longer be offered on the official website.

Obviously, customers who have a GPS will be able to continue to benefit from technical support as well as valuable software updates. A few months ago, TomTom launched IndiGo, an open platform intended, at the time anyway, to be integrated by manufacturers on their new models.

At TomTom, we have adopted (for several years already) the digital shift, and the company notably offers a dedicated navigation application, TomTom GO Navigation, available on Android as well as on iOS.

However, it is difficult for the former leader in navigation to compete with free applications very popular with users, TomTom GO Navigation requiring a paid subscription, of €3.99/month or €19.99/year.

On the side of car manufacturers, when an in-house solution is not developed, we generally turn to solutions offered by Apple or even Google, with Android Auto. Very recently, TomTom formalized a partnership with Mitsubishi, while launching its own on-board personal assistant, with TomTom Digital Cockpit, even though certain manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, announced the adoption of a certain ChatGPT on board.

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