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This Apple product risks going out of stock even before its release

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While companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are focusing on the race for artificial intelligence, Apple is also busy with the launch of its spatial computing headset (or virtual reality and reality increased), the Vision Pro. As a reminder, this headset was presented during the WWDC conference in June. And the firm recently announced, in a press release, that the product will finally be available in the United States, starting February 2. Pre-orders can be made from January 19.

Possible out of stock

Many comments have been posted online and while some are optimistic about this new Apple product category, others think the Vision Pro could be a flop. For his part, analyst Ming Chi Kuo is rather optimistic. While expressing reservations, he even mentions the possibility of a stock shortage, from the pre-order phase.

“Thanks At the request of core Apple fans and heavy users, the Vision Pro is expected to sell out shortly after it becomes available for pre-order or sale, which would result in a longer delivery time. Otherwise, Vision Pro could take longer to become a success, which would hurt the short-term stock performance of Apple and its supply chain”, can we read on Ming Chi Kuo's blog.

Everything will depend on what happens next

In this publication, the analyst explains that in June, Apple made a good presentation, which impressed the general public. However, some technical information about the product is not yet known. However, according to Kuo, Apple should provide more information on the Vision Pro before pre-orders or marketing begin in order to maintain sales momentum and to make the product attractive to developers.

For the Vision Pro to sell well, it must attract application developers. The more apps available on the visionOS App Store, the more potential uses for the headset there will be. And according to Kuo, after the novelty effect, Apple will have to stabilize demand, which will depend on the positioning of the product and uses.

The affordable version on hold&nbsp ;?

Normally, Apple will only produce a fairly small volume of Vision Pro headsets. Besides being a whole new category, the Vision Pro is very expensive. In the United States, it will be sold for $3,499. But rumors already suggest that an affordable version, which could be called Apple Vision (without the “Pro”) is being considered.

On this subject, Ming Chi Kuo indicates in his blog post that Apple will use feedback on the Vision Pro to make a decision regarding the next headset. And it is likely that this decision will be made this year. In any case, according to the analyst, Apple investors are waiting for this second headset as it could sell better thanks to its more affordable price.

Rumors are already circulating about what features this affordable version of the Vision Pro could have. In essence, Apple will certainly make sacrifices at the technical sheet level to reduce costs.

Competition from Samsung

Otherwise, it should be remembered that Apple's historic smartphone rival, Samsung, is also preparing its entry into the augmented reality market. A year ago, during the presentation of the Galaxy S23, the Korean giant announced this project in partnership with Google and Qualcomm. Recently, Qualcomm presented a new processor for mixed reality devices and indicated that this component will be used by Samsung and Google. But for the moment, we do not know when Samsung could present its headset.

  • Apple's Vision Pro headset will be released on February 2, while pre-orders will be possible from June 19, in the United States< /li>
  • According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the product could quickly go out of stock
  • Regarding the affordable version, Kuo thinks Apple will make a decision based on feedback on the first version of the Vision Pro

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