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Barcelona - PSG: after a crazy match, Paris humiliates Barça and reaches the last four, the summary

PSG crushed FC Barcelona this Tuesday &agrav; the occasion of the quarter-final return of the Champions League (4-1) and turned everything upside downé after his defeat in the first leg (2-3). Paris joins Dortmund in the semi-final of the competition.

Barcelona - PSG: after a crazy match, Paris humiliates Barça and reaches the last four, the summary

Barcelona 1: 4

Barcelona - PSG: after a crazy match, Paris humiliates Barça and reaches the last four, the summary

PSG crushes FC Barcelona and reaches the last square (4-1). Paris enters the game well but it is Barça who will strike first. Yamal deposits Nuno Mendes on the right lane and center at the near post towards Raphinha who crucifies Donnarumma who had left at the start. adventure (11). The Parisian reaction comes at a later date. half hour of play. Mbapp&eac; makes Barça tremble with a first-intention strike from Mbappé Ter Stegen makes a decisive save (28th). Shortly after this big opportunity, Barcola overtook Araujo who made a mistake which earned him a red (29). Xavi then takes out Lamine Yamal and replaces him with central defender Inigo Martinez. And this red changes the entire appearance of the first act and the match. Barcola overflows and crosses towards Mbapp&eac; who misses the ball. This benefits à Ousmane Dembélé who punishes, once again, his former club (40'). Returning from the locker room, Paris leaves the collision and obtains a huge opportunity through Fabian Ruiz who crosses his shot too much (52nd). And it’s action that will unlock everything. PSG gains confidence and Vitinha, hero of the first leg, is again the one in the return with a long shot out of reach (56th). In the process, Barça fought back and hit the post through the German Ilkay Gündogan (57'). In this crazy quarter of an hour, Cancelo commits a foul in his area on Dembélé. Mbappé takes charge of the penalty and does it very well by finding the top corner (61). After this very lively moment, Paris begins to change. switch to management mode and the Barça gradually regains hope. But Donnarumma and Marquinhos save their team with Lewandowski's strike (73rd). PSG will finally set about definitively shelter thanks to & Kylian Mbappé who goes for his doubleé on a devastating counter (89). This will be the last blow of the evening. Paris joins Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals. 

23:10 – Paris puts on an unprecedented performance!

After its evening exploit in this Barcelona – PSG, the Parisians responded ;also là où no other French team had succeeded before. When a French team lost in a first leg, no team from France had managed to win. go for a qualification. 

23:05 – Paris joins Dortmund

The other quarter-final of the evening delivered his verdict and there was also a turnaround. Borussia Dortmund had of Atletico Madrid (4-2) and will be Paris's opponent in the last four. of the Champions League. 

István Kovács whistles the end of this Barcelona – PSG! The Parisians turned everything upside down and join the semi-finals of the Champions League à the outcome of a crazy match & Montjuic. 

22:56 – The Parisian supporters are faltering (90+4')

Parisian supporters are enjoying this Barcelona – PSG and defeating Barça at the same time. every pass of their team with "Ol&eac;". Mass has been said. Paris has turned everything upside down. 

22:53 – Seven more minutes! (90')

The fourth referee has just announced added time for Barcelona – PSG. Paris should hold its place for the final square. 

Resumed à three times, the ball ends up crossing the line and Paris will reach the last square. of the Champions League in this Barcelona – PSG. What a devastating counterattack it took? by Hakimi and concludes with Mbappé. 

22:50 – Lewandowski forgets Felix (88')

On a loss of ball, Lewandowski recovers and takes his chance while Joao Felix was absolutely alone at the far post. 

22:47 – Missing Donnarumma! (85')

The Italian goalkeeper is well behind and hits Robert Lewandowski in this Barcelona – PSG but the Pole was offside. Fortunately for Paris otherwise it was surely a penalty for the Blaugranas. 

22:45 – Good defense from Mendes (84')

The Portuguese full-back covers well and pulls away to keep the ball. He concedes, nevertheless, the touch in this Barcelona – PSG. 

22:44 – Xavi also makes a change (82')

Joao Felix and Fermin Lopez come into play and replace De Jong and Cancelo for the end of this Barcelona – PSG. 

22:42 – New change for Paris (80')

Luis Enrique solidifies the midfield with the entry of Ugarte & Emery's place. There are ten big minutes left in this Barcelona – PSG. 

22:40 – Raphinha éwas close to doing it again ;egrave;s badly (78')

Despite their inferiority numerically in this Barcelona – PSG, Barça wants to secure an extension and Raphinha was close to scoring a double; but his attempt goes past Donnarumma's cages. 

22:38 – A double change for Paris (76')< /h3>

Luis Enrique makes a double change in this Barcelona – PSG with the entries of Asensio and Lee à the place of Barcola and Ruiz. 

LEWANDOWSKI APPROACHES AND CONTINUES! Donnarumma makes a superb save before saving Marquinhos in front of Ferran Torres who was ready to attack. push into the back of the net. 

22:32 – Barça cuté in two (71')

For the moment in this Barcelona – PSG, the Blaugranas are struggling à regain tactical rigor and pressing is rather out of sync. 

22:30 – Paris goes into management mode (68')

After the moment of madness in this Barcelona – PSG, the Parisians try to calm things down a little. ;apos;they are the ones who are provisionally qualified while the Barcelonans must score to secure an extension. 

22: 26 – Gündogan demands the penalty! (65')

The German international enters the penalty area and is slightly hooked. . He asks for a penalty but the referee doesn't budge. He takes out a red à a deputy of Luis Enrique in the wake of this situation. 

22:24 – Marquinhos receives a warning (62')

The Parisian captain is warned of a yellow card in this Barcelona – PSG after a fierce duel with Lewandowski. 


Cancelo is completely late and commits the irreparable in the penalty area in this Barcelona – PSG! The referee takes his time and ends up designating the penalty point. 

22 :20 – Xavi is excluded! (57')

The Barcelona coach completely lost his temper on the edge of the pitch while hitting a nearby advertising board of a camera and is excluded in this Barcelona – PSG. Nothing is going well for Barça. 

What a boost for Paris in the wake of Vitinha's goal! Gündogan is à enters the penalty area and crosses his attempt but çit hits Donnarumma's outside post. 

The Portuguese midfielder is served behind on a corner played &agrav; two and lights a fuse which makes Ter Stegen explode for the second time of the evening in this Barcelona – PSG. The meters are reset & zero. 

22:16 – Paris pushes (54')

What pressure on the Barcelona cage! PSG gets another free kick and continues to dominate. 


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