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DIRECT. Barcelona tournament: Nadal triumphs against Cobolli on his return

After months of absence, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal makes his comeback this Tuesday, April 16 on the clay court of Barcelona.

18:22 – Nadal will have to confirm against de Minaur

The Spaniard will return to the court tomorrow, facing à Alex de Minaur. The 11th in the world will be a challenge of a different nature for the one who won. twelve times &agrav; Barcelona. Even if he didn't have to do anything about it, forced, Rafa showed beautiful things, especially from the baseline. It still slightly lowered its performance. in intensity at the end of the match, particularly on serve.

It only took one hour and 24 minutes to complete the match. Rafael Nadal to sign his return to the circuit. The Spaniard was not successful. more imperial, but his opponent, visibly very tense, made a lot of mistakes.

Rafa offers himself three match points on a fault from the Italian, who cracks on the accelerations of the Spaniard.

Rafael Nadal will serve for the match.

18:16 – 5-3 Nadal

Flavio Cobolli remains in the match, winning his serve a second time with a shutout.

18:16 – 15-0

Cobolli wins the first point of the game with a nice drop shot.

18:13 – 5-2 Nadal

Nadal is more and more present in defense, and puts at risk new more intensity. The Spaniard is now only &agrav; a game from his first victory in four months.

18:06 – 4-2 Nadal

The Italian stays in the match with a shutout.

18:05 – 4-1 Nadal

The break is this time confirmedé by the Spaniard, who continues to lead the race.

Cobolli is still as tense, and gives up his serve on a double fault.

Rafa misses his service game, and allows à Cobolli to return in this second set.

17:56 – 15-40

Third double fault of the match for Rafa, who offers two break points to Cobolli.

17:56 – 15-40

Troisième double fault of the match for Rafa, who offers two break points to Cobolli.

Cobolli cracks once again against the Spaniard's lift, who breaks and lines up a fourth consecutive game.

17:52 – 15-40

Nadal puts more in each shot, and offers himself two break points


The results of the Barcelona tournament

What are the results of the Barcelona tournament ? 

  • 2023: Carlos Alcaraz
  • 2022: Carlos Alcaraz
  • 2021: Rafael Nadal
  • 2020: Cancelled (Covid-19)
  • 2019: Dominic Thiem
  • 2018::Rafael Nadal
  • 2017::Rafael Nadal
  • 2016::Rafael Nadal
  • 2015: Kei Nishikori
  • 2014: Kei Nishikori
  • 2013::Rafael Nadal
  • 2012::Rafael Nadal
  • 2011::Rafael Nadal
  • 2010: Fernando Verdasco 
  • 2009::Rafael Nadal
  • 2008::Rafael Nadal
  • 2007::Rafael Nadal
  • 2006::Rafael Nadal
  • 2005::Rafael Nadal
  • 2004: Tommy Robredo
  • 2003: Carlos Moya
  • 2002: Gaston Gaudio 
  • 2001: Juan Carlos Ferrero
  • 2000: Marat Safin
  • 1999: Felix Mantilla
  • 1998: Todd Martin
  • 1997: Albert Costa
  • 1996: Thomas Muster
  • 1995: Thomas Muster 
  • 1994: Richard Krajicek
  • 1993: Andrei Medvedev
  • 1992: Charles Costa
  • 1991: Emilio Sanchez
  • 1990: Andres Gomes 
  • 1989: Andres Gomes
  • 1988: Kent Carlsson 
  • 1987: Martin Jaite 
  • 1986: Kent Carlsson
  • 1985: Thierry Tulasne
  • 1984: Mats Wilander
  • 1983: Mats Wilander
  • 1982: Mats Wilander
  • 1981: Ivan Lendl
  • 1980: Ivan Lendl
  • 1979: Hans Gildemeister
  • 1978: Balazc Taroczy
  • 1977: Bjorn Borg
  • 1976: Manuel Orantes
  • 1975: Bjorn Borg 
  • 1974: Ilie Nastase
  • 1973: Ilie Nastase
  • 1972: Jan Kodes
  • 1971: Manuel Orantes 
  • 1970: Manuel "Manolo" Santana
  • 1969: Manuel Orantes
  • 1968: Martin "Marty" Mulligan
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