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Be careful of this scam that is growing on Tinder

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Tinder is one of the most used dating apps in the world. In 2020, 40% of French people would have already used it, ahead of Meetic, Badoo, Adopte un mec or happn. Despite its recent updates, a rather alarming scam techniqueis starting to gain some momentum on the platform. Thanks to deepfakes, scammers use the trust of certain users to extract money from them.

Deceptive technology

Deepfakes, a technique allowing voices or faces to be modified using AI, are already a reality social subject as their repercussions can be significant. The unveiling of Sora, OpenAI's hyperrealistic video generator, reignited the debate some time ago around the dangers that these doctored images could represent.

It is through the use of deepfakes that a Nigerian group known as Yahoo Boyshave perfected the art of luring to deceive their victims on Tinder. To do this, they use two phones. The first, which is used to modify the video image in real time, and the second to retransmit this false image during video calls with their victims.

The deception is almost undetectable, and this group has been using this technique for around two years if information from the media Wired. So what is the point for the Yahoo Boys to use this technique? Money of course.

Serious and costly consequences

Of course, these scammers do not do this for pleasure or simple amusement. Once the trust and affection of their victims have been won, they move up a gear: extortion of money and sexual blackmail. A phenomenon which is reminiscent of that of grazers, which appeared in the early 2000s, these scammers operating mainly from certain African countries: Cameroon, Benin, Niger or Côte d'# 8217;Ivoire.

This maneuver, obviously illegal in addition to being completely immoral, has very serious consequences for the victims. According to FBI figures, losses linked to romance scams of all kinds would amount to more than $650 million just for the year 2023. A very lucrative activity. Moral: don't be fooled and never agree to give your money to a person you don't know, under any pretext whatsoever!

  • Tinder is seeing the spread of a new type of scam, based on the use of deepfakes.
  • The group in question, the Yahoo Boys, the ;#8217;use to trap their victims by tampering with video call images.
  • By using blackmail, they then manage to extort money 8217;money to people who were tricked.

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