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Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

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e-Ink e-readers are still very popular in 2024. There is no question here of debating between paper books and e-readers. In our opinion, the two formats meet different needs and profiles. However, the e-reader has an undeniable advantage: it allows you to transport an entire library in a compact format. They also have a battery life of up to 10 weeks, which is perfect for nomads.

The advantage of digital e-readers is their e-Ink or e-Paper screen. These display technologies work on the same principle: we have a substrate, pigments and electric current. By applying this current to certain areas, the pigment appears and remains visible until electric current is applied again to the same area to erase the pigment.

In other words, to display a page, an e-reader only uses energy for a short time. Once the text and images are on the screen, you may run out of battery… everything will stay in place and perfectly readable. This is why these devices have interstellar autonomy. These screens can be backlit or not, as desired. They reflect light in a natural way, with a rendering very close to paper – which is very relaxing for the eyes.

In use, reading on this type of screen has nothing to compare with reading on a backlit LCD or OLED screen. Ask around, test one in store: after switching to a digital e-reader, it is rare that we switch to other solutions. Below, here is our comparison with the best e-readers of the moment.

The best e-reader 2024 ranking:

  1. Kindle 2022
  2. Kindle Scribe
  3. Kindle Paperwhite 2021
  4. Kindle Oasis 2021
  5. Vivlio Touch HD Plus

The best e-Ink reader in 2024

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

© Amazon

Now with a high-resolution 300 ppi screen to enjoy sharper texts and images, the “new Kindle 2022” is the most compact and lightweight model in the range in 2022. It is therefore the best ally for those who are keen on reading because it fits right into your pocket. As always we are talking about an e-Ink screen which imitates the appearance of paper. An integrated LED illuminates the screen when it is too dark.

The tablet is also now equipped with a USB-C port and still has interstellar battery life: a single charge will allow you to read your favorite books for six weeks. The 2022 model also has 16 GB of internal storage compared to 8 GB previously.

The brand assures that’it is also made “from 30 to 75 % recycled plastics and 90  % recycled magnesium”. The Kindle 2022 e-reader is available in two colors (black or denim) at a price of €99.99 for the version with advertisements, and €109.99 for the version without advertisements.

The best 2024 e-reader for doodling

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

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The Kindle Scribe combines the advantages of e-Ink paper (here with an ultra-premium screen called “Paperwhite” of 10.2″ and 300 ppi) and those of a graphic designer's tablet. The device is used with a stylus which allows you to take notes and draw directly on the screen.

The entire interface is adapted to this. You can create notebooks, journals and lists with many available templates (lined paper, squared paper, bulleted lists, etc.). Your drawings and notes can be transferred to your other devices via the web or email.

The reading light is backlit with adjustable brightness temperature. It charges via USB type C and offers “battery life of several months for reading and several weeks for writing; the premium stylus, on the other hand, requires no charging”.

L’other best e-Ink e-reader 2024

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

© Amazon

Amazon waited 3 years before launching a new version of the best e-reader on the market: the Kindle Paperwhite 2021. This version benefits from a larger screen of 6.8″ with significantly thinner borders. It is equipped with backlighting that can be adjusted in intensity but also in “heat”. You can make this backlight more or less orange to rest your eyesight.

On the performance side, we have a new generation e-Ink screen with an exceptional definition of 300 ppi and an anti-reflective coating which brings it even closer to paper – even in direct sunlight. The e-reader contains a new chip that allows page changes around 20% faster. The battery life of the device is 10 weeks. The standard version is equipped with 8 GB of storage space – more than enough to store thousands of books.

The device is equipped with a USB type C port to save you from having to multiply cables and chargers. This best e-reader is waterproof, so you can use it without fear at the pool or on the beach. Note that a “Signature Edition” also available with 32 GB of internal storage, wireless charging, and automatic brightness adjustment. You can discover his full test here.

The best e-Ink reader 2024 at Kindle to download books absolutely anywhere

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

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You don't know which e-reader to choose in our comparison, you swear by the best ? You will love the Kindle Oasis 2021. In terms of performance, it  #8217;is clearly the best e-reader of 2022. The screen is even larger than the Paperwhite (7″) still with this exceptionally detailed definition of 300 ppi. The e-Ink screen is backlit.

You can manually adjust the brightness or let built-in sensors choose the right light level. You can also adjust the light temperature for a very relaxing effect on the eyes. Note that the backlighting of this e-reader is the most powerful of all Kindle e-readers thanks to a set of 25 LEDs (compared to 17 for other models).

The autonomy is again around ten weeks. It benefits from the same performance improvements as the Paperwhite. The device is available in 8 GB and 32 GB versions. If you choose the most expensive model, you will be entitled, in addition to WiFi connectivity, to a cellular connection which will allow you to download books and newspapers or that you are. The Oasis e-reader is waterproof (IPx8) so you can continue reading in the bath or by the pool.

The best e-Ink reader 2024 Made in France

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

© Vivlio

If Amazon (Kindle) and Fnac (Kobo) are well placed in this comparison of the best e-reader in 2022, other brands manage to do well. This is the case of Vivlio, a French company which has decided to come rub shoulders with giants. With the Touch HD Plus e-reader, the frenchy manages to offer an interesting alternative to the small e-readers from Amazon and Fnac. The Touch HD Plus includes a 6″ with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, like the Amazon Paperwhite.

This screen is also distinguished by its backlight SmartLightwhich adjusts brightness and colors according to the reader's needs. Its slightly rounded design is also not to displease – it even gives it a little touch of originality. Add to this that it has 16 GB of storage when most competitors are satisfied with 8 GB for the standard model. If you don't know which e-reader to choose, the Vivlio Touch HD Plus is available for 150 euros. It's a great alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite.

The best e-Ink reader 2024 in color

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

© Vivlio

Most e-Ink readers on the market can only display monochrome. But there are exceptions like the Vivlio Color, a tablet also Made in France. The device offers a 6″ e-Paper capable of displaying up to 4,096 different colors, all in a definition of 1072 x 1448 pixels at 300 ppi. The panel is backlit so you can use this e-reader even at night or in dim light.

However, we remain on a durable product with a battery life of one month. It has 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card – and the whole thing runs under Linux which will allow tinkerers to have fun pushing the customization between two books and comics as far as possible.

The best large format e-Ink reader 2024

Best e-Ink e-reader 2024: which model to buy for Christmas ?

© Vivlio

Never two without three: Vivlio is once again positioned in our comparison of the best e-readers in 2024! If we had to summarize the Vivlio Inkpad 3 simply, we would say that it is a Touch HD Plus e-reader in larger format. Vivlio here takes the excellent ingredients of its 6-inch e-reader and stretches it into an 8-inch format.

The format, the design, the display comfort (300 ppi resolution), Vivlio takes up everything that makes the Touch HD Plus so successful. The handling is still as pleasant as ever and the great lightness of the e-reader allows prolonged reading. The only regret if you don't yet know which e-reader to choose in this comparison: it is not waterproof. The Vivlio Inkpad 3 is available from 200 euros.

e-Ink e-readers are very popular devices in 2024. Just look around you… on public transport or on the beach, for example. However, with many models available in 2024 it is easy to get lost to the point that we no longer know which e-reader to choose. What you need to know is that you will enjoy switching to any device, as long as it is equipped with one of these e-screens. Ink.

The technology is indeed very different from usual screens. We are on a pleasant system with or without backlighting. The result is natural, almost like normal paper which is very relaxing for the eyes. The e-Ink also has another rather extraordinary advantage: these screens only consume energy when you “turn”; the page. The rest of the time, they can permanently display the same information even when disconnected from their energy source.

All e-Ink digital readers deliver the same eye-resting effect. This is why we advise you to start with the first available price – the cheapest models are around 70 euros – to really gain experience. After a few months, you can always resell your entry-level e-reader for a net loss of a few dozen euros. Then come back to this comparison to find the best 2024 e-reader that will meet your needs even better.

The backlighting, and the possibility of adjusting the light temperature, are points, you will notice, less anecdotal than you think, even if they are not in themselves totally essential… Note that we are also starting to see e-Ink readers capable of displaying color. Concretely, several pigments are placed in the e-Ink matrix with different charges. By applying certain electrical profiles, it is possible to selectively bring the desired pigments to the surface of the screen.

By combining these pigments, it is possible to display many intermediate colors. Of course, this technology does not achieve the color rendering of other technologies such as CMYK paper printing or the color rendering delivered by the best LCD screens with quantum wells (Quantum Dot) . The essential thing is not there. With this type of e-reader, you can nevertheless consult content such as comics more pleasantly without having to settle for a conversion to black and white.

The only color e-reader in this selection is the Vivlio Color – available for a fairly reasonable price. Whether you are a book addict or an occasional reader, you now have some interesting references to choose the best e-Ink reader 2024. This comparative guide will of course be updated over time according to the new products that come out.< /p>

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