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iPhone SE 4: release date, design, technical sheet, price, everything you need to know

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The latest iPhone SE (3rd generation) was released in 2022 – everything therefore indicates, by drawing a parallel between the delays which separated the release of the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation, that Apple is preparing the release of an iPhone SE 4 in the coming months.

The iPhone SEs are somewhat built around the same idea as the Samsung Galaxy Sxx FE: they are cheaper entry points into a high-end lineup. They allow both Apple and Samsung to sell off their inventory of surplus components produced for previous generations of devices.

This allows you to kill two birds with one stone and attract an audience attracted by high-end features, but put off by the price. Until now, attempting a comparison between Samsung's FE and Apple's SE, it was difficult not to see a significant gap in ambition.

On the one hand, Samsung FEs are released practically with each new generation of Samsung Galaxy Sxx. They ultimately offer a lot of the technical specifications of the manufacturer's flagships, while adopting roughly the same design, same type of screen, same interface, particularly in terms of gestures.

On the other hand, at least until now, Apple kept its iPhone SE firmly anchored in the past. The iPhone 8217;industrie.

Apple has meanwhile launched two iPhone SEs, the last one dating from 2022, we told you, but still with an iPhone 8 design (for the last one) – which means a wide-band LCD screen, pre-2017 gestures, and still a single photo lens. All with a modern, particularly fast chip, which also allows the device to connect to 5G networks.

But also a price and characteristics which made the comparison with other smartphones on the market (Android) quite unfavorable. The iPhone SE 4 is expected to change many of these shortcomings in the SE line, which should make the device a lot more interesting.

If we look at Apple's habits when it comes to the iPhone SE, we can expect a release by 2025, or the end of 2024 at the earliest &# 8211; which could be credible, the current model seeming particularly outdated. Even if Apple can still count on offers from operators which allow it to still sell the device thanks to subsidized prices that are often more aggressive.

On the price side, we can expect Apple to remain in the current waters of what is practiced for the iPhone SE 2022, with a price between €530 and €730 ;nbsp;€ depending on storage options.

Although the inflation that has taken place in the meantime could increase the cost of purchasing a smartphone… at least, the upgrade in terms of benefits should undoubtedly make this entry point easier to justify, including when ;#8217;purchase of a bare iPhone SE 4.

We will come back to this in the design section, but a priori everything in this smartphone should breathe a mixture of iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. The screen will a priori be OLED (finally!) given that all iPhones have had this type of screen since the beginning. #8217;iPhone 12.

The chip of the device will probably be the same as that of the iPhone 15, even if at this stage, anything is possible and the iPhone 14 Pro chip could replace it.

If we lean towards generation 15 it is because the first iPhones with a USB-C port are the iPhone 15, which Apple now has the obligation to offer USB type C ports in Europe, and we imagine that the adapted chipset is only integrated into the SoC of this generation.

Several rumors also mention Face ID rather than Touch ID. At first glance this seems the most logical. Integrating Touch ID on a borderless screen is a priori not on the table on an SE generation which mainly consists of recycling elements already available in the inventory to limit costs.

Furthermore, Apple has, at this stage, made Face ID a service closely linked to iPhones. Switching to this authentication mode seems logical to bring the iPhone SE 4 into the new post-iPhone X era. and unify the lineup.

Finally on the camera side, we should see (unfortunately) Apple staying with a single lens, which is less versatile – but at the same time is probably less important to the customers targeted by Apple on this model. By the way, Apple should still integrate an excellent sensor, 48 Mp, which is found in the sensor system of the iPhone 15.

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Everything indicates that the iPhone SE 4 will be entitled to a design taken from the iPhone 14. We will spare you the numerous rough rough renderings that we see below and it has been appearing on the web for a few weeks. Based on these, the 4RMD YouTube channel created a visual that is undoubtedly very close to the final model (see the 4RMD video above this paragraph).

We find flat edges in the same material as that of the iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 15, that is to say “surgical steel” to use the manufacturer's newspeak. The screen will a priori have a notch rather than the new dynamic island – flow of screen stocks from the previous generation requires, like what Apple is doing on its current iPhone SEs.

However, the renderings which poppent on the web most often show the arrival of the Action button on the iPhone 15. Which seems credible. On the back, the lens should have the same diameter as the main lens of the iPhone 15. All with a glass back like now many generations of iPhone, all with the ;#8217;lens and flash in a raised part directly in the one-piece glass of which the firm has mastered the technology.

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