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In recent years, we have seen a new type of mobile payment terminal emerge: Zettle or SumUp are simple and inexpensive mobile POS solutions to use for small merchants and other entrepreneurs. They can thus easily collect payments by bank card, without having a Wi-Fi connection. Below, you will find a comparison to determine the best mobile payment terminal in 2021.

Comparison: best mobile payment terminal

< td>1.2% to 2% (decreasing according to volume)

TPE Initial cost< /th>

Commission Link

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

19 € 1.75 %

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

39 € < b>1.75%
299 €

The bank card has established itself over the years as the preferred means of payment for the French. However, businesses (however small/large they may be) have not yet taken the plunge with the payment terminal due to the lack of flexibility and also the cost of the solutions currently available from traditional banks. With mobile TPEs like Zettle or SumUp, cashing out by card becomes child's play.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

Zettle: review, test and tutorial on the Reader 2 mobile TPE

Payment in cash is certainly still popular in France, but it involves cash flow management (which involves trips to bank branches) which is painful for the entrepreneur. With contactless payment and mobile payment developing considerably in recent years, mobile payment terminals have a bright future ahead of them.

Below, a fairly detailed guide to finding the best mobile payment terminal. These mobile VSEs are all the more on the rise as the health crisis encourages the French to avoid physical contact. Payment by bank card (and often contactless), including in markets, is becoming the norm. Having a mobile TPE like Zettle or SumUp is therefore a must in 2021.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

The two suppliers of mobile payment terminals are players who in a few years have reached a critical size, who offer the best quality/price ratio on a mobile payment terminal. A solution that also adapts to entrepreneurs and self-employed people, without providing them with additional constraints. This comparison of the best mobile payment terminal available aims to present the main offers available on the French market.

A cheaper mobile electronic payment terminal

In terms of fees, a mobile payment terminal that one would buy in a traditional bank has three levels of commission: first of all, a fixed amount at the time of payment ;#8217;purchase of TPE (generally around €100 to €200). You then have to take into account a monthly subscription (around €10/month) as well as a commission on each transaction which represents the majority of the cost (between 1 and 2%).

Overall, a mobile electronic payment terminal can quickly become a cost for a self-employed person or a micro-enterprise. And this, even if it does not collect a single euro in turnover. To this can be added other hidden fees that banks may levy in the event of payment incidents. This is why the best mobile payment terminal must be cheaper.

As for mobile 2.0 TPEs like Zettle, SumUp, Smile & Pay or Link/2500, the pricing is much more transparent and much cheaper. This is one of the reasons why the offer is simple and accessible. It costs around €20 to €40 for the purchase of a first box which constitutes the mobile payment terminal itself. This will then be connected to a smartphone (via Bluetooth) which will be the basis for issuing payment and an invoice. Subsequently, you will have to pay a fixed commission of 1.75% in the majority of cases.

We can make a connection between the arrival of new payment solutions on the internet with these new types of payment terminal: PayPal and Stripe have disrupted online payment for traditional banks. In the mobile payment terminal, players such as Zettle (which was acquired by PayPal for $2.2 billion at the beginning of 2018) are bringing real change to the historic ecosystem. Today, they may be the ones offering the best mobile payment terminal. Ingenico is also a major player in payment terminals, and its solution aims to quickly establish itself as a must-have in France.

More flexibility and features

The other great advantage of a mobile TPE like Zettle, SumUp, Smile & Pay or Link/2500 is the fact that they can be easily transported to accept payments: this is a considerable argument for professions such as taxi drivers, traders or home service providers (hairdressing, massage…).

To obtain a better new generation mobile TPE, you need to spend a few minutes on the internet to create your account. Nothing to do with traditional terminals which involve having to open an account in the banking establishment in question, by making an appointment with an advisor. The VAD (distance selling) contract requires an additional appointment and a significant administrative burden. Some traditional banks also require their customers to have fixed-term contracts (or with notice), which further loses flexibility for the user.

In terms of functionalities, as you can see in our comparison of the best mobile payment terminals, the new tools also make it possible to offer functionalities that go further. For example, Zettle offers a real-time management system for receipts by SMS/email, a receipt printer system, a cash drawer, barcode readers and so on. On the mobile application, the customer can also follow all their accounting, give more or less freedom to sellers or manage a product catalog with ease.

Summary of the advantages of the best mobile TPE

    • Quick online subscription
    • Very advantageous pricing
    • Terminal transportation flexibility
    • Flexibility of the contract (without commitment)
    • Ease of terminal installation
    • Advanced features (similar to cash register software)

Top 4: best mobile payment terminal in 2021

In France, there are no fewer than 4 players who stand out for the quality of their offering: Zettle, SumUp, Ingénico and Smile&Pay. We have made a comparison of the best mobile payment terminal below, and you will find a description of each of the products so that you know what their specificities, their advantages and their disadvantages are.

Zettle Solution

First of all there is the Zettle mobile payment terminal, which is one of our favorites in our comparison. The solution was created in 2010, in Sweden. During 2018, it was finally bought by PayPal even though it had filed an IPO application. Today, Zettle is one of the best mobile payment terminals on the market. You can see our Zettle review here.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

Zettle Reader 2 © Presse-citron.net

The company's mobile TPE is called Zettle Reader. Like all the solutions in our comparison of the best payment terminals, Zettle offers all types of classic payments (chip card with PIN code, contactless payment, payment with magnetic stripe). All bank cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc. Contactless mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are also available.

As you can see in the photos of this payment terminal comparison, the Zettle Reader is particularly successful in terms of design. The autonomy is interesting since it provides 8 hours of intensive use without any wires (practical). It can be plugged into the mains to recharge in parallel. Payment is made in 5 seconds, and it only takes 2 seconds to turn it on. The warranty on TPE is 12 months.

In terms of pricing, the Zettle mobile payment terminal is one of the most competitive in our 2020 mobile POS comparison: you have to factor in a cost of . Please note that there is no long-term commitment. In 2018 alone, Zettle is expected to process more than $6 billion via its terminal.

SumUp Solution

Another solution in our comparison of the best mobile payment terminal is SumUp. The English start-up was officially launched in 2011 and is already present in 31 countries. It presents itself as the European leader in mobile SMEs with thousands of customers. In total, it has raised several tens of millions of euros (with strategic investors such as American Express and BBVA). You can discover our SumUp test and review here.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

The SumUp Air © Presse-citron.net

Its payment terminal is called the SumUp Air. Like the Zettle Reader, it allows you to accept all bank card payments. The connection between the box and the application on the smartphone is made via Bluetooth.

In terms of pricing, it is currently necessary to take into account. To obtain this advantageous pricing of €19 per box, you must use the link below. The classic home page displays a price of €39 for the SumUp Air. This is a standard amount that we also find at Zettle in our comparison of mobile TPEs.

SumUp seeks to develop more and more services for freelancers, with its Point of Sale offer. It therefore offers a complete solution for managing online accounting, its product catalog, access for employees, etc. As with its competitor Zettle, it is possible to order a receipt printer to issue receipts directly. Otherwise, the user will receive it by email or SMS.

Solution Smile & Pay

Cocorico, here is a French solution. Founded in 2015, Smile & Pay intends to walk on the feet of the two giants mentioned above. It has decided to review its offer in recent months by removing the simplified mobile POS like its counterparts to focus on a classic payment terminal available at the price of €299.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

The classic Smile & pay

In terms of commissions, the Basic offer includes fees between 2% and 1.2% depending on the volume of transactions carried out each month. From 2,000 euros of transactions per month, the commission is decreasing. For those who generate a lot of turnover, Smile & Pay is therefore a more interesting solution.

Solution Link/2500 Ingenico

One of the world leaders in payment terminals, the French company Ingenico has also developed in the mobile POS niche. With its Link/2500 pocket terminal, the brand offers a quality alternative to traditional fixed terminals.

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

Among the specific features of the Link/2500 model from Ingenico, we note that it connects via Bluebooth, Wi-Fi or even a traditional 3G/4G network. The terminal accepts all payment methods: from bank cards to NFC (contactless) and mobile solutions such as Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Ingenico draws on its expertise in the sector to offer a highly secure solution.

Conclusion: best mobile TPE 2021

< td>1.2% to 2% (decreasing according to volume)

TPE Initial cost< /th>

Commission Link

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

19 € 1.75 %

Best mobile payment terminal: Comparison of TPE 2021

39 € 1.75 %
299 €

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