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Free tease a major novelty in a strange SMS

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What is this “wind of novelty” what Iliad promises to Free Mobile subscribers in 2024 ? As reported by our colleagues at FrAndroid, Xavier Niel’s operator has just started a very strange communications campaign of which only the entrepreneur has the secret. Subscribers to the mobile part have just received the following message: “Free wishes you a wonderful year 2024! A wind of new things will blow very soon from Free. Something is brewing… Stay connected, again and again, #8221;.

However, the biggest novelty that is most anticipated from Iliad for 2024 is not a priori on the mobile side, but on the internet box side. Indeed, the Freebox v9 is still awaited – and we can wonder what Free can have in store for us after the Freebox Delta and the Freebox Pop. It is possible that the new box has a new link with Free Mobile… or the operator is simply preparing to activate new 5G frequencies/equipment increasing speeds.

Iliad promises Free subscribers Mobile “a wind of new features at Free”

Impossible to know with so little information and it’ is why a subscriber directly contacted Xavier Niel on 𝕏… to better see yourself respond “Let me cook…” (let me cook). At least we see that the entrepreneur wants to indicate that he is working on this famous novelty, which can only indicate something major, or entirely new. . But obviously, the fact that Freebox subscribers (without a Free Mobile subscription) have not received a similar message may cast doubt on what Iliad is preparing in 2024.

Indeed, it is entirely possible at this stage that Iliad is simultaneously preparing the arrival of two major new products this year – with on one side, a Freebox v9 whose arrival in the next 12 months is almost without doubt, and something on the other mobile side. According to Univers Freebox, in fact, Xavier Niel's operator was supposed to launch v9 at the end of last year, but the new iteration seems to be delayed without the slightest explanation from the operator side.

This new iteration is believed to be both high-end, but also technologically more ambitious than the Freebox One/Delta. In short, the real replacement for the Freebox Revolution – which still has no real competition 13 years after its launch. On the mobile side, Free had already taken a lead on 5G by purchasing, among other things, frequencies allowing it to cover more territory faster than the competition. Today, it remains to reach a new milestone on flow rates – what the operator can do in multiple ways.

A possible synergy between the new internet box and a major new feature on the mobile side would be the next Freebox can deliver 5G mmWave at reduced range, but ultrafast, to cover the interior of buildings more efficiently. Of course, this is all speculation at this point… but we should know more quickly, based on the clues left on the web by Iliad.

  • While Freebox v9 is still waiting, Free Mobile subscribers have just received a very strange SMS.
  • This promises them nothing less than ’ a “wind of novelty” at Free in 2024.
  • Freebox only subscribers did not receive the same SMS, further confusing what Iliad is really up to.

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