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Beware of this AI-boosted camera, it can automatically undress you

An artistic project developed by two Berlin creators presents a new type of camera based on artificial intelligence to undress its subjects.

Projects based on artificial intelligence are increasingly numerous in everyday life. Whether it's generating text, quickly editing a photo, or summarizing a conversation & Written or audio, AI is becoming more and more present in many everyday objects. Samsung has notably created a small turning point in the field with its "Galaxy AI" which allows you to have numerous features based on artificial intelligence directly on your smartphone.

The world of photography, on the other hand, has not yet particularly taken up the subject. Many professionals are already protesting against this. of the use of AI within photo editing applications such as Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. But when it comes to shooting, à With the exception of a few small features, professional cameras make very little use of artificial intelligence… Until #39 ;&agrav; today.

Beware of this AI-boosted camera, it can automatically undress you

© Mathias Vef/Benedik GroB

Mathias Vef, Berlin artist, joined forces with à Benedikt Groß for the design of his new project. Baptisé "NUCA Camera", it is a camera with a fairly original design, but above all à the very particular main function: undressing his subjects.

Based on artificial intelligence, the "NUCA Camera" is able to analyze the photographed scene and especially the different people present in the photo; to completely remove clothing from them. The camera software thus identifies the different physical characteristics of your subject (hair color, beard, height, etc.) to reproduce them with a photo of your subject. Stripped of all clothes! A real vision-X worthy of Superman, which fits in a small box.

Rest assured, however: the "NUCA Camera" doesn't really exist. This is a project initiated by by Mathias Vef and Benedikt Groß to bring &agrav; a reflection on the use of artificial intelligence in our society and its current trajectory to generate images. The least we can say is that the proposal provides material for discussion. think and that it would not even be surprising if a real similar project saw the light of day in the near future.

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