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These Pokémon cards are highly sought after and can be worth several thousand euros. Head into your attic!

Many Pokémon cards, more or less rare, are still sought after by collectors.

Who doesn't know Pokémon ? Unless you've lived in a cave for the last thirty years, there is little chance that you are unaware of the existence of one of the largest licenses in the world. Iconic characters such as Pikachu, Charizard and Meowth accompanied the show. millions of children have become adults and continue to impose themselves on the cultural landscape today.

But Pok's not just a video game license. It's above all a real marketing factory . Among the most collected objects of the license, we find in particular the cards   play! These little pieces of cardboard have become a staple in playgrounds and are also the delight of great collectors. Some of them can even be sold at high prices. several thousand euros depending on their rarity or their importance in the game.

These Pokémon cards are highly sought after and can be worth several thousand euros. Head into your attic!

You certainly know some since, among the most sought-after cards in the world, there are several references that came out when you were younger! Generally speaking, all the first cards released in France (at the end of the 1990s) may be of interest to collectors and resell it for a variable sum which can range from around ten euros (for a Pikachu in average condition) to more than 10 euros (for a Pikachu in average condition). thousands of euros (for a Charizard in perfect condition).

Even fairly recent cards are now trading for several hundred euros. Some characters are more popular than others. You have a Charizard card ? There are already chances are that it will be resold easily. The latter shines and has reflective contours ? It is then possible that it is worth several hundred euros!

Everything also depends on the general condition of your card. A collector will be much less interested in if your property has many scratches or has been damaged torn. Be aware, however, that the rarest cards can still be traded at high prices. several hundred euros even if they are extremely damaged! So a piece of advice: go quickly and reopen your safe. toys and have your old collection appraised!

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