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Bill Gates explains why he is so optimistic about AI

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While on the OpenAI side, we are working on setting up a team to identify and address “nuclear” dangers. of future versions of ChatGPT, the founder of Microsoft (which uses a version of GPT-4 in Bing), has once again expressed how optimistic he is about the benefits of AI.

This new technological revolution indeed has a synergistic dimension with the philanthropic ambitions of Bill Gates. In any case, that’s what he explains in an interview with YouTuber MrWhoIsTheBoss. “The Gates Foundation is focused entirely on inequality, including in health and some areas of education”, Bill Gates said at the ;interview.

Bill Gates believes in the benefits of AI

Before emphasizing that according to him, AI can bring a real revolution in education, agriculture and health. A boon in parts of the world like the poverty-stricken African continent – which could make it possible to compensate for the absence of professionals who are nevertheless essential to strengthen the development trajectory.

In education, in particular, there is a real shortage of teachers across the continent – leading to classes with sometimes a hundred students, which does not help to provide individualized attention to those who need it. AI could completely turn the situation around, with an “AI” per student.

Beyond that, the translation capabilities of AI could solve another problem: that of the existence of manuals in the many local languages. In the food industry, AI can help farmers make more comprehensive, accurate and reliable predictions and analyses, by aggregating data from a massive number of sources, including satellite images, cruelties, and much more – while allowing them to obtain clear answers from simple questions.

Addressing your faults is essential

For example: what are the chances of droughts this year? What is the risk that a disease will impact the harvest? And much more. Finally, in the field of health, AI can carry out consultations to resolve many common ailments, instead of forcing patients to wait sometimes several weeks before being entitled to an appointment in a hospital. .

To accelerate the arrival of AI in Africa, the Bill & Melinda Gates will fund associations and companies to ensure that AI will arrive within a few years instead of several decades. Bill Gates imagines relying on mobile phones, with which a large part of the population is already equipped.

It remains to resolve the current flaws of AI to prevent this boost does not turn into a disaster. Even the most advanced models routinely invent facts without any basis. And there is a real problem with the training sources of the models which come mainly from developed countries at the time of writing.

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