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All the light we cannot see: 4 reasons to be tempted by new Netflix series

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There are tons of series joining the Netflix catalog every week. So much so that it is often difficult to navigate and users generally spend many minutes choosing a program on the platform. We save you the intensive research of your weekend: All the light we cannot see. On paper, this new historical mini-series is very promising. At least, it has all the ingredients for success.

Scintillating cast, renowned directors, engaging synopsis… All the Light We Cannot See is the series to keep an eye on this fall. Available on Netflix from November 2, here are 4 good reasons to let yourself be tempted by this new nugget.

A story that has already made people vibrate

All the light that we cannot seehas already attracted the interest of many people. Indeed, the series is an adaptation of the historical novel of the same name written by Anthony Doerr. The novel made such a strong impression that All the Light We Cannot See received the Pultizer Prize in 2015.

We follow the intertwined destinies of Marie-Laure, a young blind French woman, and Werner, a German soldier, a little before the Second World War then during the Nazi Occupation of France until the Liberation. These two protagonists, enemies in spite of themselves, will cross paths many times and a flame will be born between them throughout their encounters.

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An impeccable cast

To bring Anthony Doerr's novel to life, Netflix did not do things half. On screen, we will find the excellent Louis Hofmann, who we already loved in Dark, in the role of the German soldier. Hugh Laurie and Mark Ruffalo are also there. Among extremely well-known names, the series will highlight an actress who will take her first steps on our screens.

An inclusive series

In All the light we cannot see, the character of Marie-Laure loses her sight at the age of 6, in 1934. Despite this handicap, the young girl is lucky enough to be quite independent thanks to her father's ingenuity.

While many disabled characters are still played by able-bodied actors, Netflix has chosen to give a chance to a truly visually impaired actress, more precisely suffering from color blindness, to play Marie-Laure. It’s an initiative that is always pleasant and worth highlighting. Aria Mia Loberti seems to have blown everyone away during her auditions, despite having no training or experience.

Big names in charge

Adapting a literary work is a challenge that many directors have already struggled with. Indeed, it is difficult to transcribe everything and readers often say they are disappointed when a beloved novel is transposed to the screen. Netflix is ​​aware of the challenge of All the Light We Cannot See. This is why the platform called on big names.

At the helm of All the light we cannot see ? Steven Knight, the creator of Peaky Blinders and Shawn Levy, who distinguished himself by directing Night at the Museum, Free Guy or Deadpool again. In short, the creators of All the Light We Cannot See are not their first attempt. Which should reassure the quality of the mini-series.

The four thrilling episodes of All the Light We Cannot See will be available on Netflix tomorrow, Thursday 2 November 2023. While the rain and cold are expected over the next few days, this historic mini-series has everything to make you have a good time.

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