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Disney+ increases its prices: how to pay less? (4 tips) © Unsplash/Thibault Penin

After Netflix and Apple TV+ it's Disney+'s turn to update its prices. The streaming platform is also increasing its prices and introducing two new plans.

Disney+ Premium: 11.99 euros per month

Thus, the Disney+ offer that we knew before goes from 8.99 euros to 11.99 euros per month (or 119.99 euros per year). It is therefore the most complete offer which offers the entire Disney+ catalog in 4K (Ultra HD) with HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos compatibility.

This offer also includes four screens simultaneously as well as the downloading content for offline viewing.

Disney + Standard: 8.99 euros per month

Now, for 8.99 euros per month (89.99 euros per year), Disney+ subscribers will have access to a new Standard offer .

For this price, you benefit from the entire Disney+ catalog with Full HD quality and 5.1 stereo sound. Downloading of content is also available. However, only two simultaneous screens are included in this offer.

Disney+ Standard with advertising: 5.99 euros per month

Like Netflix, Disney+ is launching its offer with advertising. More affordable, this plan gives access to the same advantages as the Standard offer except for two details: your streaming sessions are interspersed with advertisements and it is impossible to download the content to view it offline.

4 tips for paying less for Disney+?

This increase in the price of Disney+ subscriptions is therefore another bad news for film and series enthusiasts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to pay less.

TV packages

Disney+ increases its prices: how to pay less? (4 tips)

© Twitter/Canal+

In France, operators offer TV packagesbringing together several streaming services. SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and Free all have a formula with Disney+ in their catalog.

Canal+ also offers a very interesting Canal+ Ciné Series bouquet which brings together several platforms (Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, OCS). For around forty euros per month (excluding promotions and offers for students), you have access to all platforms. A great saving.

Still, this solution is only viable if you are a big consumer of contenton multiple platforms. If Disney+ is the only service that interests you, you will have to opt for another alternative.

Share the cost with loved ones

Disney+ increases its prices: how to pay less? (4 tips)

© cottonbro studio – Pexels

This is perhaps the oldest and simplest trick. If Netflix now prohibits account sharing for people who do not live in the same household, Disney is being more flexible on this subject for the moment, even if the platform has also announced the end of this practice on its platform.

Thus, the Premium offer including four screens simultaneously can be divided by four. You will therefore get by for 3 euros per month to have the best Disney+ offer.

Of course, it was already possible to use the same trick with the offer proposed before at 9 euros. The monthly cost then amounted to 2 euros per month. Still, the monthly saving of 8 euros is not negligible.

Use an account sharing platform

Disney+ increases its prices: how to pay less? (4 tips)

© Presse-citron

If you can't find people ready to share your account around you, online services allow you to access shared accounts.

This is the case, for example, of Spliiit, a leading platform in France. The principle is simple: users offer to share their subscription on the platform and users looking for a cheaper account pay a fraction of the subscription. Currently, there are for example Disney+ offers at 2.86 euros per month.

You therefore have the choice: either you subscribe to an existing account by paying the fraction of the subscription, or you offer your subscription to share and save money.

Unsubscribe and resubscribe

Disney+ raises its prices: how to pay cheaper? (4 tips)

© Unsplash/Glenn Carstens-Peters

The last method is undoubtedly the most effective but requires organization. If you are one of the procrastinators or lazy people, you will have to change your habits. Indeed, most subscribers to streaming services do not use them throughout the year. Studies show that subscribers visit each platform punctually, depending on the content offered.

Since Disney+ does not include any commitment, you can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want and as much as many times as you want.There is therefore no point in remaining a subscriber if no series or film tempts you this month for example.

Thus, if your favorite programs come out at three times of the year, why pay the whole year? On a Premium subscription, the savings can be monumental.

Suppose you subscribe for 3 months at different times of the year, for the releases of your favorite films and series. You will pay 36 euros over the year instead of 120 euros (if you opt for an annual subscription). You will then save 84 euros, the equivalent of 7 euros per month!

So, which method do you like best?

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