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Birth leave: what remuneration is planned under the future system ?

The government wants to introduce furlough additional payment for parents after the birth of a child. What would it be about ?

After the beginnings in the press, the main lines… in front of the press. Already Mentioned for several months, Emmanuel Macron officially announced the implementation of a brand new leave destiny to new parents, in addition to parental leave maternity and authorship existing. The main objective of this measure is to allow parents to devote time to their children. their newborn during the first months of his life, while benefiting from a remuneration that is always attractive, without a drastic drop. This innovative device aims à replace the leave current parental, often unattractive financially for the vast majority of the French and which can be taken after the leave maternity or paternity. The first details.

What is leave? of birth ?

If there is still only one its beginnings, the leave of birth will be leave that parents can take, at the same time or at the same time turn of role, after the birth of a child and after the end of the leave maternity (6 weeks after birth) and paternity (up to 6 months after birth), which must be taken over a specified minimum period .

How long will the leave be? of birth ?

According to the elements indicated by the President of the Republic, the leave of birth can be taken for six months by each parent, for a total duration of one year. The latter would be drastically reduced since the current leave would be reduced. parental leave can be taken for three years.

What will be the leave pay? of birth ?

The precise amount has not yet been determined. determined, but one thing is certain: “it will be well beyond that”. 429€ current maximum" who can be affected as part of the leave parental, affirmedé Aurore Bergé, Minister responsible for Equality' between women and men, at the microphone of Sudradio. "The objective is that it be proportionate' “to the salary,” she continued, specifying that, “obviously, this will not be maintained at the same time as the salary”. 100% of your salary." Negotiations with employer and union organizations are underway.

When this new leave? of birth will it come into force ?

Mystère. Neither Emmanuel Macron nor Aurore Bergé did not give schedule for the implementation of this new system. This summer, the minister announced; want to reform the leave system; parental &agrav; the horizon 2025. The deadline must still be confirmed.

Teilor Stone

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