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These phrases will make you look bad in business: they should absolutely be avoided

Certain attitudes do not give a good image to your colleagues and managers. Better to avoid them.

Life in a company is not a long, quiet river. Between tasks & carry out, meetings or even colleagues, motivation is not always there in the morning. For bosses and managers, creating a symbiosis in its structure is not easy between the points of view, aspirations and characters of each person. Recruiters say it with one voice: the state of mind plays a primordial role in the recruitment process.

Every year, a meeting allows us to take the pulse of the general atmosphere at work: annual interviews. If the seminars, meals or other corporate activities allow you to bring conviviality to your business, in everyday life, the point madeé each year between an employee and its manager is an opportunity to gauge everyone's state of mind. And if you don't want to make yourself look bad, it's better to turn your tongue in your mouth seven times before speaking.

Because certain sentences are &agrav; ban during this exercise, as explained by three management specialists Linternaute. For Clotilde Merillon, from Tellent, an attitude à To avoid is that of bringing up negative points and coming up without a solution. If criticism is always accepted, it must therefore be followed by proposals.

Same story with Pierre-Gilles Bouquet, founder of Voluntae, who warns about issuing strong criticism of the company without & be very invested. What drives me crazy is people who are demanding of others but not of themselves. It's a story of loyalty." 

The trend is similar at Thibault Vilon d'Elevo. For him, "put the blame on others and complain without justification" are all negative signals sent by an employee. &agrav; His boss. So you might as well avoid them. "It's better to be responsible for your poor performance rather than find excuses," he pleads.

If you cannot be truly trusted by your company if you adapt one of its attitudes (except by saying outrageous things), this could be a real obstacle to the development of your career and relationships with colleagues and the hierarchy.

Especially since according to a study by Dares, personality of the person has become the first recruitment criterion after technical skills, well ahead of the aspect of remuneration . Skills and interpersonal skills are also taken into account more than salary conditions. Proof that well-being at work seems to be a priority. be well taken into account by recruiters.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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