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Too many employees forget to ask for these benefits that all companies offer: these are real pluses

“Too many employees forget to ask for these benefits that all companies offer: these are real pluses”

Beyond In addition to salary, there are several benefits forgotten by workers. However, they may have an interest in their finances.

It’s the obsession of every employee’ and it is legitimate. Net remuneration, after taxes, is the main element taken into account by workers when signing a contract or when ;#39;a salary negotiation. While this is obviously what allows you to live and pay your bills, other benefits that can impact finances are not often requested. However, they can provide real added value.

If meal vouchers or mutual insurance are covered by the company agreement, it is possible to negotiate individual benefits, such as ;recalled several HR specialists interviewed by Linternaute. Request new or additional missions, a reorganization of your working time or even training to evolve: this is about of the three main levers à activate during a negotiation if the remuneration is not suitable.

For example, moving to 4/5th (working 4 days instead of 5) may be required against the absence of an increase on a p& Defined period. For the employee, the loss of one day’s pay will perhaps be less than that. the expense he has that day, for example for childcare. He would therefore be a winner.

Likewise, even if it requires more difficult negotiation, changing the distribution of one’s 35 hours per week can also help. be proposed. For example, you can ask à work from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, instead of 6 p.m., in order to take your Wednesday afternoon off. Là again, for parents, this has the double advantage of maintaining the same level of salary and, for example, saving money on nanny or daycare at the same time.

Also, the question of teleworking can be raised. Even if there is room for flexibility; Individual work is limited in this regard, Pierre-Gilles Bouquet, founder of the recruitment firm Voluntae, believes that we should not refrain from asking “everything that allows you to be as efficient as possible.” Working one more day from home to avoid two hours of round trip travel and being more efficient may be part of the requests. Moreover, it’s essential to consider the accessibility aspect, addressing disability discrimination in the workplace, ensuring that teleworking arrangements accommodate all employees equally.

Finally, employees also too often forget their employment rights. the training available to them, which can be financed by the company. For Thibault Vilon, boss of Elevo, specialist in management, “it’s not up to date. neglect” because “they can allow you to evolve and are a clear compensation for your needs. a non-increase.” So ask à develop technical skills, learn à manager, or even retraining to work in another position are all future negotiating weapons to justify a raise and/or promotion.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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