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Black Friday makes your Mac like new with this speed software


During Black Friday, instead of 49.99 euros. It's during the famous 'Black Friday'. that the best deals of the year are offered. If necessary, you can also choose the Premium Mac Pack for 34.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros.

The Washing Machine is software that will scan your Mac and look for unnecessary files. Doing it by hand is almost impossible and would take you hours. The tool will help you do a major cleanup on your computer without endangering your files. For example, it will identify all the files that you have downloaded in multiple copies, or outdated software and unnecessary download files. In total, you can gain 30% faster Mac startup time and even triple the speed of your applications.

At the same time, the advantage of the Premium Mac Pack is that it does not only contain this Washing Machine software. Indeed, you will also be entitled to antivirus, a cloud storage tool and parental controls. For just 10 euros more per year, you have the right to all software from Intego. In terms of value for money, you can't ask for better than this Black Friday.

Premium Mac Pack: features from A to Z

. A price down 60% if we compare it to its original amount, given that the latter is worth no less than 84.99 euros per year in normal times. This mini Black Friday price is really a great opportunity to secure and speed up your Mac.

In the Premium Mac Pack, we also find a firewall called NetBarrier X9. With this, know that the Premium Mac Pack also includes personalized parental controls. You can use it for several children. In addition, the Premium Mac Pack also includes Personal Backup 10.9, which allows you to make backups of your memory. This is particularly useful in the event of flooding, in the event that your hard drive becomes unreadable due to immersion.

The Premium Mac Pack is therefore an effective solution for several uses. On the one hand, in terms of cybersecurity with antivirus and firewall. On the other hand, to protect the youngest with parental control. Finally, it is also protection against incidents that may affect your equipment. Thus, Personal Backup 10.9 can also help you find documents if your computer has been broken following a violent impact.

Intego offers some guarantees

is available so that for this month of Black Friday. Beyond that, you will have to pay standard prices again. Among the guarantees offered, note that you have a period of 30 days to withdraw. So much time during which you have the opportunity to test the software and form an opinion on its content. If you're not happy with your trial, Intego offers to refund your money. This is a full refund.

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