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Is this QR code THE miracle solution against school bullying?

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It's a good idea, which is currently scoring points in the fight against harassment. Inspired by an initial experience carried out as part of the PHARE Project in establishments in Charente-Maritime, a technology professor from Y Morandat college in Ain decided to also launch a similar system .

The idea of ​​this QR Code, displayed in multiple places, is to give any student who is a victim of harassment a simple and discreet way to report themselves, and to benefit from immediate support. In the case of the Y. Morandat college, victims can also attach screenshots to their report, when for example the harassment comes from messages on social networks.

Should we generalize this kind of QR Code? If so, how?

According to the professor, Michel Jackowski, at the origin of the QR Code“it is easier for a student to connect and report instead than waiting for hours in front of the CPE and principal's door.In the establishment, any report mobilizes five people internal to the establishment: the principal and teachers who are responsible for school bullying.

The initiative is not, we told you, it's not new, but it's the method and the stakeholders involved that differ. According to the teacher interviewed by France 3: “a student, who was being hit when leaving school, broke down and used it. After the parents were summoned, the harassment immediately ended.

In Charente-Maritime, the initiative comes from the gendarmerie. The QR Code then redirects to the “My Security” of the gendarmerie, and puts the victim directly in contact with police officers and gendarmes, all 24/7. The QR Code is included on posters or bookmarks.

Because among the 61 colleges participating in the operation, not all allow students to use their smartphones and there was therefore a need for support that students could take home. In any case, this initiative, like the one experimented in the Ain college, has met with great success.

BFMTV reports that 53 situations of school harassment were thus able to be handled by the authorities at during the year 2022-2023. However, unlike the initiative of the Collège de l'Ain, there is no immediate support. Following a report, a representative of the police first takes stock with the victim, and gives them the keys to resolving their situation.

But this is not the case. is that in the most serious cases an appointment involving the harasser(s) and the harassed is made in a police station. Procedural inertia, thought of as a filter, but which can have the consequence of masking certain serious cases, when for example the victim has difficulty expressing the way in which the harassment against them takes place.

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