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BMW announces the beginning of the end (or almost) of thermal engine cars

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For some time now, we have been announcing the gradual end (or almost) of the era of thermal engine cars, in favor of electric cars. As far as the German brand BMW is concerned, 2023 was an important year for this transition. Like other manufacturers, BMW still continues to sell vehicles with thermal engines, while preparing for the future with electric models. And last year, a peak would have been reached.

“The tipping point for combustion engines happened last year”, said Walter Mertl, the head of BMW, during a conference call with journalists, according to Reuters. And from now on, growth in deliveries would no longer be driven by combustion engines, but by electric cars. The German manufacturer predicts a stagnation in demand for its combustion engine cars, then a gradual decline.

The share of electric vehicles on the rise

In 2023, the share of electric cars in BMW sales was 15%. But this share should increase to 33% in 2026, thanks to the brand's new models. Furthermore, BMW also predicts that from 2026, fully electric cars could become as profitable as cars with thermal engines.

In any case, BMW is giving itself the means to succeed in this transition to electric. A few days ago, it announced an investment of 650 million euros to convert its Munich factory to produce only electric cars.

“The Munich plant is an excellent example of our ability to adapt. We are investing 650 million euros here and will exclusively produce fully electric vehicles at our parent plant from the end of 2027”, explained Milan Nedeljković, board member of’ management of BMW AG. “Last year alone, six fully electric models entered production. At the same time, we also set a production record, proving that we are simultaneously capable of delivering and shaping the future of our production network.”

  • For BMW, thermal engines reached their peaks in 2023
  • The manufacturer predicts stagnation then a decline in demand for this category, while the share of electric cars will continue to increase its sales
  • It recently announced an investment of 650 million euros to convert its facilities in Munich, with a view to n&# 8217;y produce only electric cars

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