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Bordeaux-Bègles - Harlequins: after an anthology match, the Bordelais suffered a cruel setback, the summary

The Union Bordeaux-Bègles has conceded; a cruel setback this Saturday against Harlequins in the quarter-final of the Champions Cup after an anthology match (41-42).

Bordeaux-Bègles - Harlequins: after an anthology match, the Bordelais suffered a cruel setback, the summary

Bordeaux-Bégles 41: 42

Bordeaux-Bègles - Harlequins: after an anthology match, the Bordelais suffered a cruel setback, the summary

Harlequins Live

Union Bordeaux-B&egles stops in the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup after a defeat that will go down in history against & ;agrave; Harlequins (41-42). The start of the match was catastrophic for UBB who conceded two tries in quick succession. Porter is the first &agrav; hitting after a relay with Esterhuizen on the side. closed (3'). Marcus Smith transforms and is also &agrav; the origin of the second English essay. He gets a penalty trial after a voluntary forward from Matéo Garcia near the Gironde goal (11'). After a refreshing break given to you In the 15th minute, Maxime Lucu unlocked his team's counter despite the score. the intervention of video (22). Nicolas Deportere had tackled a player without the ball but the match referee considered that the Bordeaux player was part of the ruck. With the counter unlocked, the Bordelais will capitalize and continue with a second try signed. Romain Buros (26'). The Bordeaux full-back managed to achieve this goal. flatten despiteé a tackle on the line. The UBB then returns à two lengths and seems to be holding the right end but that was without counting on the poison Will Porter. The latter goes for his double; on a Bordeaux highlight (30). The last ten minutes of the first period remain quite open and will continue to smile on the Quins. After the siren, Evans flattens and allows his team returned to the locker room with a lead of 16 points (40+1). The second act begins as strong as the first. But this time, it’s the Bordelais who strike first! À At the end of a sublime sequence, Boniface found Deportere on a pass after contact. The latter shows his speed and flattens (43'). UBB then dominates but will still be punished by realistic Quins. On a dominated maul by the English forwards, Dombrandt scores the fifth try for the British (59). But this match is definitely completely crazy. A minute later, the inspired Romain Buros offers a trial balloon & Louis Bielle-Biarrey who leaves his team in the match (60). And &agrav; by remaining in contact, the Bordelais will succeed in their victory. achieve the unthinkable by passing in front thanks to incoming Madosh Tambwe (66). Lucu transforms and gives his team the advantage for the first time in the match. A few minutes later, after a failed attempt, for the Quins, the latter succeed in go back to the front thanks to à fullback Tyrone Green (73). Smith transformed before giving up his place and gave the English six lengths ahead. And this is not yet the end of this crazy encounter. À a few steps from the end of regulation time Tambwe registered double (77'). Lucu then has the qualifying ball at the end of his foot but misses his transformation, leaving UBB à one point behind. This will be the last twist in this Hollywood scenario which will not have smiled at all. UBB.

18:15 – A serious match in history!

This Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins will go down in rugby history! Indeed, he became the most prolific European Cup quarter-finalist with 12 tries scored and 83 points scored. 

18:10 – The reaction of Maxime Lamothe

Maxime Lamothe was particularly disappointed after this Bordeaux-Bégles – Harlequins: "We never left the locker room first& 1st period. We then started too far away. It's part of the sport."

Andrea Piardi whistles the end of this Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins after a match of & apos;anthology. The Quins resisted; and win by a small point and are the first to win. join the semi-final of the Champions Cup. 

18:02 – The Quins gain time (80')< /h3>

Harlequins have the ball and are heading towards a Champions Cup semi-final qualification. 

The UBB scrum half misses his transformation! The Bordelais are still a small point behind. How hard it is for Yannick Bru's men. 

WILL WE STILL ATTEND À A CHANGE OF LEADER ? Tambwe goes for it twice; after a nice pass from Buros. He does his best to flatten in the middle of the posts. Lucu's transformation is important. 

17:57 – Dombrandt in care (76')

Time has stopped in this Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins because Dombrandt suffers from neck pain. The Bordelais are close to the opposing goal. 

17:55 – Smith transforms! The UBB still à six points (74')

À a little more than five minutes from the end of this Bordeaux-B&egles – Harlequins, UBB must score a converted try; to go back in front and snatch the first ticket for the last square; of the Champions Cup. 

This time the video should not save the people of Bordeaux! À At the end of a still crazy sequence, Tyrone Green flattened at the end of the effort. Lynagh's pass after contact is exceptional. 

The scenario of this Bordeaux-B&egles – Harlequins& nbsp;is definitely completely crazy! Quins' try rejected because the ball is not controlled when flattened. The UBB remains in front. 

AND ONCE AGAIN THE PANACHE OF THE ENGLISH IS REWARDEDÉ ! The penal touch pays off and the maul still cracks up the Bordelais. Harlequins goes back in front in this end of Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins absolutely crazy.

17:47 – The Quins insist (69')

The English could have got back in front but Marcus Smith plays another penalty. The attitude of the English is incredible. 

17:46 – Smith's beautiful kick (68')

The England international finds a beautiful 50-22. The people of Bordeaux will have to show solidarity in this end of Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins. 

IT'S CRAZY! After a disagreement in the Quins defense, Madosh Tambwe will flatten under the posts in an indescribable atmosphere! Lucu has just transformed and gives the first advantage of the day to his éteam. 

17:41 – The suspense is immense! (63')

Very clever who can predict the end of this Bordeaux-Bégles – Harlequins. The two teams engaged in an anthology fight and the Bordelais continued to chase the Quins but were almost never defeated. as close to being able to pass in front. 

WHAT A CRAZY MATCH! Romain Buros makes a big difference and delivers a high-quality caviar. Louis Bielle-Biarrey who adds a sixth personal try in the competition. UBB has not said its last word in this Bordeaux-B&egles – Harlequins! Lucu transforms! Six more points à go back up for Yannick Bru's players. 

The penaltouche hits the mark in this Bordeaux-Bégles – Harlequins! On a maul, the English forward pack dominates and allows à Dombrandt to score a fifth try for Quins. Smith transforms and gives his team a 13-point lead. 

17:33 – Les Quins ambitious (57')

The English obtain a penalty near the opposing posts but choose to go into touch while they have a six-point lead in this Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins. 

17:31 – A possession without appeal (55')

Bordeaux domination in the second half ;period is materialized in particular by the 70% possession for UBB since the resumption in this Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins. 

17:29 – Lucu chooses to take the three points (53')

The Bordelais have scratched again. and obtain a penalty. Maxime Lucu chooses the posts and assumes. He brings back the UBB & six points in this Bordeaux-Bègles – Harlequins. 

17:27 – The good Bordeaux defense (51')

Nicolas Deportère is well placedé and ensures a scratch in the English ruck and recovers the ball. He's the man of this second period for the moment. 

17:25 – Scare for Bordeaux-Bègles (50')

Tyrone Green gave a real scare to his adversaries. After recovering, the long kick from Romain Buros, the Quins back hits a short kick over the top before following up with a chistera but the referee whistles for a forward by Green. 

17:23 – The m&leles do not succeed & agrave; the UBB (49')

It was already there the case in the first act and it does not seem to have improved. in the second period. UBB grants new penalty on closed mail. 

17:22 – A burst of changes (48 ')

Yannick Bru brings new blood into this second period of Bordeaux-B&egles – Harlequins! 


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