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DIRECT. Leinster - La Rochelle: overtaken by Leinster, the Rochelais remain hopeful, follow the match!

In this clash in the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup, the double title holders from La Rochelle are led by ten points by the Irish Leinster, who are more enterprising and offensive. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Leinster - La Rochelle: overtaken by Leinster, the Rochelais remain hopeful, follow the match!

Leinster 23: 13

DIRECT. Leinster - La Rochelle: overtaken by Leinster, the Rochelais remain hopeful, follow the match!

La Rochelle Live

Çhas left à Aviva Stadium. On the return, the Rochelais go high but Osborne clears and finds a superb touch in the Rochelais camp.

19:37 – The returning players

For this second half, Ihaia West replaces Dillyn Leyds. Antoine Hastoy will kick off.

After a long throw from Lato, his scrum teammate Penverne flattened with force after a huge push from Rochelais. Before going to the locker room, Antoine Hastoy transforms the try.

19:20 – Pénalité in progress

Three fouls in a row for Leinster after an offside. The Irish are warned, the next fault is the card. New launch for La Rochelle.

19:19 – Hastoy insists

New advantage for La Rochelle and Antoine Hastoy find a new touch. 

19:18 – Touche for La Rochelle

The Irish are put à the foul and Hastoy finds a touch within 22 meters.

19:18 – The siren has sounded

The siren has just sounded ; Aviva Stadium while the Rochelais are in the Leinster camp.

After verification é the video, the test is well matched. James Lowe's pass hits the shoulder of Jamison Gibson-Park who takes the ball. 5/5 for Ross Byrne.

19:15 – Video!

The second attempt has not yet been granted. The arbitrator appeals the video.

Before half-time, Leinster scores the break try. After a clearance from Nowell, Lowe takes his lane and serves Gibson-Park who easily flattens under the poles.

19:12 – Lots of mistakes

While the Rochelais and Kerr-Barlow had recoveredé the ball on the scrum, the scrum half is penalized. offside. Ross Byrne clears his camp.

19:11 – The first scrimmage 'écollapse

À five minutes into the half, the first scrum collapsed. 

19:10 – Lowe too long

After a carried ball in touch, Cancoriet loses possession and the leather returns to the hands of James Lowe. The winger clears but the ball goes out of bounds. Scrimmage within Leinster's 22 meters.

19:08 – The match is interrupted

After a foul by Jenkins on the ground, Dillyn Leyds remains on the ground. The rear is affected. to the cervicals.

Ross Byrne doesn't break down. Fourth kick successful for the opening half. 

19:04 – Botia offside

Levani Botia makes a superb tackle on James Lowe before being penalized. for offside. New attempt for Ross Byrne.

Second penalty by Antoine Hastoy which allows à La Rochelle to stay à a transformed essay.

19:01 – Botia précieux

A second time in a row, the Rochelais exploit their return kicks. Levani Botia will seek a penalty.

À more than forty meters from the La Rochelle posts, Ross Byrne receives a second penalty.

18:59 – New advantage

The Rochelais have been paying for their indiscipline since the start of the match. In the melee, they are punished with a broken arm. In the process, Jonathan Danty is penalized. from a high tackle. Ross Byrne will try to restore Leinster's ten-point lead.

18:57 – Mêlée pour Leinster

In his camp, Penverne snatches a ball and scratches a few meters. The leather returns to the hands of Grégory Alldritt who commits a forward.

18:56 – The Rochelais get by

New contentious situation, Gibson-Park thinks to flatten but Antoine Hastoy puts his arm in. Still 10-3 for Leinster.

18:55 – Kerr-Barlow puts himself in danger

< p>After Ross Byrne's dismissal, Kerr-Barlow is trapped by the length of the kick and clears as best he can. The ball returns to the Irish hands who think of flattening it in the goal but Antoine Hastoy had a hand.

Ça passes for Antoine Hastoy !

18:50 – Hastoy facing the poles

On the dismissal, Joe McCarthy takes the La Rochelle wave and concedes a penalty. Antoine Hastoy will try his luck.


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