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Bored of Marvel and DC superhero movies ? Zack Snyder has a solution


2023 has been particularly difficult for superhero films. No feature film of the genre has managed to hit the mark, and the box office results are catastrophic for the studios, which lose a lot of money. While the entertainment giants had plans for 5 to 10 years, weariness seems to be there, and many wonder if we have not already arrived at the end of an era.

The end of an era, truly?

The question was asked to Zack Snyder during an interview with The Atlantic. Note also that the filmmaker himself directed Man of Steel, Justice League, and Batman vs Superman for DC Comics. However, he says he feels “the same weariness” as the public with regard to these productions.

According to him, the vein is finished and “no one thinks of going to see a unique superhero film”. We can therefore ask ourselves what the spectators really want. And Zack Snyder has his own idea about this. He believes: “The Holy Grail is an original story that you create, which has resonance and is cool.”

The director is thus preaching for his own parish, he who launched a brand new franchise at the end of 2023 with Rebel Moon, very inspired by Star Wars. Unfortunately, the feedback has not been very positive, but Netflix and Zack Snyder are already working on the second part which will be released on April 19, 2024 on the platform.

Christopher Nolan to the rescue

The filmmaker is of course not the first to speak out on the subject. Last year, Christopher Nolan, crowned by the unexpected success of Oppenheimer, for his part addressed the theme of the crisis of big budget films in Hollywood. His words were also unequivocal:

The box office clearly shows that audiences are looking for things they have never seen before. We went through a period where it was wonderfully reassuring for studio executives to think that their franchises could last forever and be predictably successful. But we cannot deny moviegoers' desire for novelty.

For your part, do you also feel tired of superhero movies ? Do you think this is just a bad patch or a larger problem and the end of an era for these Marvel and DC productions&nbsp ;? Tell us in the comments.

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