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Sales: this Mac app frees up storage space, at a reduced price (-60%)

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. That is 30 euros less than the base price of 49.99 euros, or 60% reduction. The publisher does not specify how long the offer will be available.

Intego Washing Machine X9 is software that offers to improve the speed of execution of your computer. On a daily basis, this should clearly save you time but also make your use of the Mac less stressful. In addition, Washing Machine also saves gigabytes on your memory. However, we know that after a few years, the hard drive can quickly become full. Especially with Apple computers, which come with quite expensive storage options.

Increase the discount with the bundle including antivirus

Be aware, moreover, that’. This suite includes:

  • Intego Washing Machine X9, the Mac cleaner we just described
  • Personal Backup 10.9, a backup solution that protects you against potential damage to your Mac
  • NetBarrier X9, the firewall from Intego< /li>
  • VirusBarrier li>ContentBarrier X9, parental control software

The reduction on the first year of license for the Premium Mac Pack reaches 65%, an additional 5% compared to the -60% for Washing Machine. Do the math: you only pay 10 euros more per year, yet you get four additional software programs. And one of them is a world-class antivirus. Indeed, VirusBarrier is considered one of the most powerful cybersecurity solutions on Mac. This is probably explained because the founders of the Intego company are French. The company was founded by Jean-Paul Florencio and Laurent Marteau. The date of creation dates back to 1997, more than twenty-five years ago today.

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Intego also offers an antivirus for Windows. This is not to be neglected, and for good reason: Windows computers are often targeted by more hackers than Macs. But don't forget that Macs are not inviolable either, contrary to what some advertising may suggest. So, certainly, the security guarantees offered by Apple are perhaps more numerous than those of brands like Asus or Acer. But still: hackers are also attacking macOS. Particularly because Mac owners often have more resources, on average, than PC users. This is in any case what several studies tend to confirm.

We therefore know that the App Store generally generates more revenue 8217;money for third-party developers. In addition, Macs are sometimes twice as expensive as computers of equivalent power but running Windows.

What results can Washing Machine achieve ?

This will depend on several criteria. But if you have a lot of duplicates on your memory, then know that Washing Machine can quickly delete them. , this will be an opportunity to gain up to three gigabytes of additional disk space, according to Intego. This is the figure that could be obtained by testing the software on Apple laptops.

Please note that Intego also specifies that the startup speed of Macs equipped with Washing Machine can be multiplied by 3. Thus, we can imagine that if your Mac took 1 minute to start, the operation might no longer be possible. ask him for 20 seconds. Of course, again its statistics were obtained in the laboratory, and could differ for you. Intego has obtained them on MacBook Pro, but Washing Machine is also available on MacBook Air, on Mac mini, on Mac Pro…

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