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Bottle caps have a hidden secret, here's why you should put them in your car

“Bottle caps have a well-hidden secret, here's why you should put them in your car”

Putting a bottle cap in your car can be of great help.

The next time you finish a bottle of wine or champagne, don't throw the cork away. the bin. This is not the case. of an ecological recommendation but of the possibility of to offer them a second life. This time, the cork will not be intended for use. plug the neck of a bottle but rather with it improve driving conditions in a car. Many motorists have already shared on social networks the interest of driving with a cork in the passenger compartment of their vehicle. The reason is simple.

You certainly already have noticed that the windows of your car quickly become covered in mist when it rains. This condensation phenomenon can considerably reduce the visibility of the camera. and make driving dangerous. A foggy windshield can obscure your view outward, including other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights and signs. Additionally, drivers may become distracted by their efforts to clear or reduce fogging, which may distract them from paying attention to the vehicle. the road. And if modern vehicles are equipped with options for defogging the windows, the fact remains that fog often reappears on bad weather days .

Let's get back to that; our cork stopper. How will he be able to help us in such conditions? Quite simply because cork is a material, composed of microscopic cells, which naturally absorbs humidity. from the surrounding air. So the trick is to: cut the cork into two parts and Place them on the dashboard. You can also place several corks in the car for greater efficiency.

Moisture, rather than being deposited on the windows , will be absorbed by the pieces of cork and the visibility of the from your driver's seat will be greatly improved. However, if the windows of your vehicle are regularly fogged up, do not hesitate to repair them. Have it checked by a mechanic. Poor ventilation or a sealing problem. could be at the origin of the problem.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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