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Two spoons of this product are enough to make your car seats like new

This tip allows you to effectively clean your car seats. car seats without spending money.

Having a car requires minimal maintenance. And let's be clear, it's quite expensive. Between annual overhauls, technical checks and mechanical unforeseen events, the automobile budget can quickly climb. But we must not neglect an essential aspect of maintenance: cleanliness. Not only is a clean vehicle more pleasant to drive. driving, but it also contributes to extend its lifespan by avoiding the accumulation of dirt which can accelerate its aging. And then there is the interior of the car. The most difficult part to do is clean, so much so that it is quite often neglected. To the point sometimes that you don't really want to go in and sit there…

One of the trickiest parts to play The most important thing to clean in a car is the interior, especially the seats. They are prone to stains, especially if you have children or pets. Seat fabrics get dirty easily, but unlike clothes, you can't just throw them in the washing machine. wash! Luckily, there is a simple and inexpensive trick to effectively cleaning car seats.

To carry out this homemade cleaning, you will need a bowl, a microfiber cloth, a bottle of dishwashing liquid and a saucepan lid. Here are the steps to follow: follow:

  •  Pour lukewarm water into the bowl.
  • Add two to three ounces of water. three teaspoons soup of dishwashing liquid then mix everything together.
  • Dip your microfiber cloth into the bowl then wrap it around a pot lid.
  • Rub the seats and bench seat with a damp cloth. using the lid covered with the cloth then only with the cloth soaked in it. water and dishwashing detergent for the least accessible parts.
  • Rinse the seats and the bench following the same procedure but with a soaked cloth ; only in clear water.

In a few minutes, thanks in particular to the degreasing properties of dishwashing liquid, the fabrics of your car seats will be free of all their stains. And bad odors, sometimes persistent in the passenger compartment, will give way to unpleasant smells. a fragrant air much more pleasant to use breathe. All without having had to you have to spend money, the few spoons of dishwashing detergent used for this cleaning costing no more than a few tens of cents, far from the prices paid during #39;a major cleaning in an auto center.

Remember, cleaning your car seats effectively is not just a matter of cleanliness. or comfort, they can also make a big difference when reselling your car by giving the image of a neat, well-maintained vehicle in good condition. Enough to increase its value and its rating on the market. of the occasion… So it will be there also the opportunity to win valuable euros.

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