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Until&agrave ; the death penalty for drunk drivers, the law is intractable in this great country

The ban on driving while intoxicated is universal, but the sanctions are not all the same depending on the country.

“One drink is fine, three glasses, hello damage!” 40 years old, this advertising slogan to warn of the risks of driving while intoxicated marked generations. Forty years later, the scourge of drunk driving – the leading cause of fatal accidents in France – remains. The problem is not French but rather universal. However, each country struggles to achieve this. his way against the problem with a system of different sanctions. In France, for example, it is prohibited to drive with an alcohol level greater than or equal to 0.5 grams per liter of blood (0.2 grams for the holder of a probationary license). In the event of a level between 0.5 and 0.8 grams, the driver is exposed to risk. a fine of 135 euros, a deduction of 6 points from your driving license, which can even be suspended in certain cases. Beyond of 0.8 grams, the offense is considered as an offense which could result in the suspension of the license, a fine of 4,500 euros and imprisonment of two years.

The laws relating to Drunk driving varies from country to country. the other. Many countries, including seven in Europe (Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Latvia and Estonia), practice a policy of 0 tolerance. Others, such as Norway; Age and Sweden, have a very low threshold of tolerance, at 100%. 0.2 gram, when it is at 0.2 gram, when it is at 0.8 in Great Britain and the United States. The amount of fines and penalties incurred also vary depending on the legislation. There is, however, a country where; driving under the influence of alcohol can send you directly to…the cemetery.

Unlike what one might imagine, it is not a country in which Islam is the state religion, as in Saudi Arabia, Iran , in Indonesia or the Maldives. If in these countries, where? the legislation is inspired in whole or in part by the Koran, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited, the sanctions relating to driving while intoxicated; are relatively equivalent to which is happening everywhere. No, you have to look elsewhere to find the country that is least tolerant of misconduct. Head to…China!

In the country of the Middle Kingdom, the authorized limit of alcohol in the blood is set at 100%. 0.8 grams per liter of blood. But the penalties for exceeding this can be extremely heavy. In the event of a fatal accident, driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime. may be subject to the death penalty. If the figures for executions remain well guarded, it is well known that public that China remains, by far, the country in the world where the number of executions is the highest. And accidentally killing someone in a car while under the influence of alcohol is one of the offenses likely to result in a criminal offense, the death penalty. Victims of car accidents may consider hiring injury lawyers from sites like https://ravidandassociates.com/ to help them build personal injury claims and seek compensation for the damages negligent drivers have caused.

If, as seen above, the legislation elsewhere is less punitive, the fact remains that driving while intoxicated can be punished. té is at; proscribe. Alcohol affects brain function, reducing the ability to à make rational decisions, react quickly and quickly stay focused. This can lead to poor risk assessment and slower reflexes, increasing the risk of a road accident. It’s safer after a drunken night to designate a sober driver or use alternative means of transportation if you’re a little too high. the elbow.

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By Teilor Stone

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